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Aigle Azur bankrupt and stops flying 06.09.2019 at 08:05


On 6 September 2019, 11:05, -

the French airline Aigle Azur has announced the termination of flights from 7 September due to financial insolvency. The number of canceled flights routes from Paris and Marseille to Moscow, informs sob.Q.

the Carrier is experiencing financial problems for several years, was finished off occurred in late summer in the conflict of shareholders. Passengers, remaining with his tickets, no compensation or refund of money in the foreseeable future will not receive, although paid for a ticket by credit card online can try to get the money back through the Bank. It is likely that some competing companies will offer special fares for passengers with tickets Aigle Azur, but not the fact that it will affect Russian destinations. The company website is currently unavailable.

Aigle Azur has existed for more than 75 years. In recent years the carrier has been focused on routes to France, Portugal and North Africa. The company for several years with varying success tried to enter the Russian market. This summer, she made four flights a week to Moscow from Paris and two from Marseille.


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