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Lifehack for business: how to effectively manage the revenue and to reduce costs press releases 04.09.2019 at 21:00

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What entrepreneur doesn't want to earn more? However, the profit of the business depends not only on the quantity of goods sold or services rendered, it is equally important to effectively use modern services to reduce costs.

to Analyze the revs acquiring

In the cities there are almost no stores that would not accept credit card payments. But, as practice shows, the presence of a POS terminal is only half of success. Those entrepreneurs who know how to analyze the revenue of their terminals, you earn much more.

So now in trading in demand services for management and analysis acquiring momentum. In UBRD is a personal account acquiring that is embedded in the Internet-Bank Light. With this service, businesses can track revenue, depending on the terminal, store and unload statements of operations merchant acquiring, analyzing the amount of revenue commissions, average check and returns to each terminal individually or all at once. Management decisions on the basis of such analysis may be adjustment range, change of pricing or review of collaboration with suppliers whose products are returned most often.

"Almost 90% of customers able to acquire actively using personal account, but we don't stop there, and constantly improving the service. The most popular features is the statement and returns the terminal. We have recently modified and simplified the functionality of the refunds that our clients do not waste time on trips to the Bank, and did everything in the personal account, — says Director of corporate business development UBRiR Elena Sorvina. All this means not only filing the return, but control of its status, online consultation of Bank officer chat".

Use the capabilities of a personal office can entrepreneurs who are hooked acquiring in UBRD. The fee for connection and use of the Internet-Bank Light s personal account acquiring missing. Service terminal or Internet Bank technical support specialists ready to advise by phone 8 (800) 700-59-59 24/7.

to Correctly choose a tariff for payment of maintenance

the less will have to pay for the settlement service of the Bank, the better. Especially this factor is important for startups, who have no extra money. The young company is ideal fare Promo from UBRD, in which the customer can open and maintain a Bank account, paying only for operation.

According to the terms of the tariff, the fee will not be charged for tax and intra-Bank electronic payments and the payment to the partner from another Bank (with the holding of the next day) will cost in the amount of 89 rubles. Tariff "Promo" was noted by analysts Markswebb as the best proposal for design services for entrepreneurs-freelancers in the first quarter of 2019 1.

"When the case is gathering pace and needs increase, the client will easily be able to switch to any other tariff of the Bank", — says Elena Sorvina.

Use online banking

to save time entrepreneurs, banks offer corporate customers a modern and convenient remote maintenance. Mobile apps allow you to conduct transactions and obtain information about their accounts without trips to the Bank.

"UBRiR For small business has always been a strategically important segment, — said Elena Sorvina. Key focuses of this strategy in the past seven years — knowledge of customers and convenient online banking. Developing remote services, we reduce the cost of service, and our customers save time and money. This enables us to offer the best business conditions, staying in the market."

More information about the tariff can be found on the website UBRD, by telephone hotline 8 (800) 700-59-59 in any office of the Bank that is servicing legal entities.

PAO "the Ural Bank for reconstruction and development"

1 According to research Business Banking Fees Monitoring 2019 Agency Markswebb in Moscow and St. Petersburg in the I quarter of 2019.