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Sniper Regardie "holding the belt" arrows-athletes

MComp 08.09.2019 at 10:49

News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

Competition in Balashikha pointed to the backwardness of the army sniper program.

From 26 to 30 August in the training center of the Federal service of Regardie in Balashikha passed competitions of snipers of divisions of power structures. The aim of the tournament was an opportunity for the artists from various departments to exchange experience and share modern methodical developments of combat and special training.

the competition was attended by 30 couples from Regardie and one pair is offset from the Federation of precision shooting Federation (fbr). All five days the specialists of "narrow profile" had to live in the woods and sleep in tents. The exception was made only for a couple of athletes, who lived in his car.

I Must say that until recently the leaders of the Federation had to defend their rights in terms of bureaucratic claims in relation to sport shooters. Frequent trips to events in shooting, especially abroad, involves the alteration of the warhead manually for certain conditions. Russian legislation provides criminal liability for such reading. And even despite the fact that Russian hands are always occupied prize-winning places, the bureaucracy had led alert test for athletes arrows.

However, the invitation snipers from fbr to the competition for the security forces, even outside the competition, pointed out that the cooperation moved to a new, more professional level of relations between the two structures.

as for the competition: the tournament included a forced March in full combat gear with weapons to track the ability to navigate the terrain and to choose the observation and firing position. All tasks were designed in such a way that with physical fatigue, the snipers could demonstrate their skills of fire.

the Results were a surprise to the command of Regardie. For the first five days of the best couple of the security forces scored 1300 points, the next pair managed to collect 1100 points. And the winner, however in the standings, was a pair of Federation of precision shooting. They scored 1500 points, winning in all disciplines of the competition.

One of the leaders of the event spoke on the topic that the program of training of military snipers have long been missing and as instructors it's time to take the civilian archers, while "we finally asked...whether military sniping".

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