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"Polo – top, Solaris – coffin": 3 best and worst "state employees" for taxi called car enthusiast

MComp 08.09.2019 at 17:41

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After a few days at a taxi more than 20 times, the expert decided to draw some conclusions.

the Motorist went only on the most economical plan to find out which of the popular "public sector" are the worst and the best, if you talk about comfort not drivers and taxi passengers.

IN the TOP 3 of the least comfortable cars were Hyundai Solaris, LADA Vesta and KIA Rio. Both Korean bestseller has received from motorists low scores because of no comfort for him could not be considered. Having a relatively high growth, even if fully back of the front seat, he could not normally stretch my legs, which was experiencing a variety of unpleasant situations.

"for the First time felt what is a really hard plastic when in Solaris broken knee on the dashboard when too heavy braking. Knees at ear level, as if the seat is not moved", – says the details of the motorist. As for the LADA Vesta, she did not like the driver inside: "it looks very nice, but inside some very nasty, uncomfortable and the seats hard at all."

on the list of most pleasant, according to the motorist, machines in taxis are Volkswagen Polo, Renault Logan and Datsun on-DO. Budget "Chinese" was for the motorist the biggest surprise, as it outwardly seemed very lackluster and cramped, but the inside space was much larger, and the passenger admitted that here he is much more comfortable than in the same Rio or KIA LADA Vesta: "There is also not much legroom, but plastic is not as rigid, and comfortable chairs".

the Renault Logan, Volkswagen Polo, motorists had to drive through the serpentine mountain roads, and there is already a popular public sector showed itself in all its glory: "I am Confident that Datsun at that distance I would very quickly tired, but Polik with Logan, I was pleased. Even without climate control, but to sit comfortably, the suspension is nice, noise is normal. Polo top, Solaris — a coffin."

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