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Abused SWAT tssn "alpha"? Media of North Ossetia took the side of terrorists

MComp 08.09.2019 at 21:19

News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

The memory of the heroes who died in Beslan in 2004, were desecrated.

special forces Soldiers tssn FSB "alpha" and "Vympel" were the main participants in the siege and storming of school number one in North Ossetia. Terrorists took over a thousand hostages, most of whom were children. The militants managed to repair and to save children, although the number of victims amounted to more than 300 people. Despite the heroism and sacrifice of the Russian soldiers, many media outlets literally babbled about the fact that they are criminals, whose hands children's blood.

Russian media and the bloggers began to repeat the words of the head of Chechen militants Shamil Basayev, claimed responsibility for the attack, but few people paid for such as stuffing attention.

However, when such things began to spread mass media of North Ossetia, then the Russians felt a real betrayal.

Telegram-channel "Ossetia" published an interview of some Marina Litvinovich, who told the entire "truth" about the reasons for so many casualties during the attack.

According to her, the fire in the school, after the tank shot at the school, a few hours firemen refused to extinguish the fire, which claimed several dozen lives.

despite the fact that in an open access network have video as firefighters battled flames after the explosion prchem IEDs, not tanks, not sparing himself, under the open fire fighters.

the words of Shamil Basayev, allegedly special forces "alpha" and "Vympel" he fired at the hostages, was repeated in the Ossetian media — like feature is a natural abuse of soldiers SPC.

the Attempt of these people to side with insurgents and present a version that was posted on the country banned the website was a big blow for the Russians.

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