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Like snow on the head. GRU will "attack" of the troposphere

MComp 08.09.2019 at 23:19

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9 thousand meters — the new height for landing, this is not the limit.

the Training of military specialists for dropping from as high as possible was the main task for the staff of the Russian GRU. Such forced step had to come after the improvement of air defense systems. The height at which committed mass landing of troops, are in the zone of action of any modern air defense. So, now we have to deliver troops to many tens of kilometers from the area of operations, after which the Marines make the March to throw. It certainly looks impressive and effective, but in this case, lost an enormous amount of time on the job. And here we have to rely on the super secrecy of operation, which will not allow the enemy to prepare for the meeting.

for these reasons, the defense Ministry attended the surprise effect at the time of landing. On a similar problem thought even 50 years ago, when the Soviet Nesterov Eugene Andreev jumped from a height of 25 thousand feet and open his parachute over 1000 m from the ground.

To such an exorbitant height, the maximum required physical training, which must be purchased for several years. But to prepare to jump from a height of 9 thousand metres prepared the program, which is assigned to training for five to ten weeks.

Military Halo jumpers MTR GRU

In these jumping mass use of troops will not apply, therefore, this privilege gave military intelligence the GRU. The height of 9 thousand meters is the lower layer of the troposphere, where does not get a rocket. At this altitude you can safely and quietly landed a bunch of commandos. Besides, the modern parachute systems allow you to plan tens of kilometers to the landing site. And usually, it all happens at night, when to see anything from the ground is impossible, almost "like snow on the head".

But such jumping is dangerous because at this altitude the lack of oxygen. So paratroopers jump with mask and cylinder, not to lose consciousness during the free flight. In the West such military extremists called Halo jumpers. They were one of the characters in the movie "Mission: impossible Consequences."

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