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Only migrants will save the Motherland!

Only crocodiles will save this country from assholes! 08.09.2019 at 13:32

Only crocodiles will save this country from assholes! -

Infographic: Dmitry Polukhin / "Komsomolskaya Pravda"

you can Often hear that one of the main achievements of the stability was a positive dynamics in demography! Before the Russians were dying, and now breed and multiply, as bequeathed to Vladimir Putin.

But it turns out, all is not so simple. I've recently opened a major newspaper in the country, "Komsomolskaya Pravda", where Russia predict a terrible future. It turns out that Russians are still dying out, and to develop further, will have to open the door for even more migrants... To this TV we were not prepared!!!

the Federal state statistics service each month prepares a report that calculates our births and deaths of citizens, comparing those values with last year's figures. And here I open the data for January-July 2019, and what do I see there? And I see that the population of Russia, which began to decline last year, continues to decrease. And in just six months, the natural population decline made up 209,7 thousand people! Last year during the same period we lost 170.5 thousand.

the pace more recently, the growing population could begin to shrink by one million in ten years. But the unexpected salvation may come in the face of migrants.

of Course, we are not talking about migrants from the European Union or the decadent USA. And about Russians abroad — experts believe that the reserve has been exhausted, and the lure of emigrated Russians only better living conditions. Place left compatriots occupied by migrant workers of Transcaucasia and Central Asia and natives of the national republics, where the birth rate exceeds the death rate.

To maintain the population at 144 million people by 2075 may need to increase the percentage of migrants in the population of Russia to 50% or more. This number includes not only "pure" migrants, preserving the language and culture of his native country, but the descendants of mixed marriages and assimilated foreigners. This practice was in the Soviet Union — if according to the last census of Russian in Russia, about 81%, including calling themselves ethnic Russians Finno-Ugric peoples, Ukrainians or Belarusians, the Soviet Union, Russian was only about half of the total population (and from other Eastern Slavs — about two-thirds).

Infographic: Dmitry Polukhin / "Komsomolskaya Pravda"

there is the opinion that with the help of migrants to replace the decreasing population of Russia will not work because of demographic pit 90, which will affect the descendants of the people born while in the territory of the former Soviet Union. Now in Russia, together with declining birth rates and increasing life expectancy. But at the same time not falling mortality, including due to the desire of officials to perform the "may decrees" of the President on paper but not in reality, overwriting the victims of accidents or cardiovascular disease to deaths from rare diseases, which is a real problem of high mortality of Russians. Well, migrants may simply not come. Ukrainians and Moldovans will go to the European Union, and the Uzbeks and Kyrgyz — in Kazakhstan and China. And then to compensate for the decline of the Russian population will be no one.

Infographic: Dmitry Polukhin / "Komsomolskaya Pravda"

But even if the end of the century a large part of Russia's population will be migrants, and Moscow will become Paris or London, where the indigenous migrant — a common occurrence, unlikely to happen, the substitution of Russian culture or language. Experts believe that the core population will remain, as it happened during the development of the ethnic group for hundreds of years — there will be a new increment of other Nations within one state, even without expanding its borders. Thus, the current trend towards natural population decline, the future Russians can partially lose current Slavic appearance, preserving the Russian language and culture.

at this rate, soon the First channel will begin to remove their stories about the terrible migrants in Europe, but instead to show the contrary, how awesome is that?