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How to ask for salary increase

Holidays and gifts 08.09.2019 at 10:12

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Author: Catherine Kozhevatova

to Decide to go to the boss asking for salary increase is not so simple. But what if the employer ignores your achievements and don't even think about revising your motivation? Long gone are the days when the wages could increase only if you transfer to another position. If you think that the time has come to increase cherished amount, follow the tips

"If you have increased the amount of duties you have to perform the work of other employees, received a new subordinate, or master new directions — this is a good reason to ask for a raise," — said Maria Zhukova, head of personnel Department of the company "Runner".

the first Step. Prepare yourself mentally

Experts say that the value of a worker is determined by three factors: the significance of his work for the company, actual and potential skills and average market value of the professional profile. You need to have a clear idea about these terms — then you will be able to evaluate themselves from the point of view of the employer and successfully to build a dialogue with him.

"Head goes on increasing the compensation only in case, if you believe that the employee deserved it, — said Anna lenda, head of HR Department, ZAO "Kreativ Media" — to not look unfounded, it is necessary to back up your words with documents and concrete figures confirming a success."

agrees Anna Martha, the HR Manager of the company Syngenta (Syngenta): "the conversation with the employer should be prepared in advance. For this you need to answer yourself the question: why do I actually need to raise? And the best answer to this question to reinforce the evidence that you are really valuable. Remember their achievements, initiatives, proposals that have been adopted and have benefited the company. You can also note what you have learned during the work in the organization, what new tasks or activities he mastered, that is how you have expanded your functions as an expert".

"secondly, assess whether your salary lags the market, — continues Anna. — This can be done by looking at the vacancies that are published on the websites of job search". "You can collect information, interviewing friends from other companies, as well as examining advertisements in Newspapers and on the Internet. It makes no sense to ask for a raise if your current salary is higher than the average and so," advises Anna lenda.

the second Step. Select a good time

Preparing to the conversation should not be confined to systematize your knowledge and arguments in favor of raising. Half of success depends on the right choice time and time for conversation. Psychologists advise not to stick to the boss asking for a raise in the first half of the day, because at this time most work.

it is Better to do this afternoon: and urgent cases became less, and the mood at the well-fed man benign. If you look wider, then it makes little sense to hint about raising, when the company things are not going brilliantly. In addition, it is not necessary to ask for a raise at the day of payment of wages.

"You have successfully completed probation and fulfilled all the requirements and tasks assigned to you at this period? At this point, you can safely apply for a raise — said Anna lenda. — However, it is not necessary to speak about rising, if recently (less than 6 months ago) you already addressed this request, and the issue was resolved in your favor". Maria Zhukova adds that if an employee applying for a promotion, on the eve of planned talks has committed a serious operating error, the conversation should be postponed until a positive resolution of the situation. Also do not discuss salary increase in between — wait, when at the head there will be time for full communication.

Olesya Melekhina, Director General of the Agency on personnel selection "Gelion image", believes that it is necessary to ask for a raise "fixed salary or bonus compensation after several years of working in the same company, if the incentive system has not changed".

the Typical error

1. The argument requests for more words, "I work like a dog, and for two years was on vacation" or "While my colleagues have already raised the salary" will not cause nothing but irritation.

2. Do not store up their discontent for several years.

3. Not blackmail the chief that in case of failure of quitting. And not just so, and in a competing firm. Chances are that you will be fired, and not on their own.

the third Step. Select the place to talk

it is best to talk with the chief in his own office: he feels in his territory and quite relaxed. According to Maria Zhukova, issues of salary increase of the corporate party is a common error. In such events the head, of course, is often in good spirits, but obviously not in the mood to catch up on work. He will listen to your request and your reasons, but most of the information passes by his ears.

What is increasing it makes sense to ask

Anna lenda do not recommend "threaten" by more than 10-15% of the original income. And here is Olesya Melekhina believes that it is possible to ask for an increase of 10-30%. In addition, changes in wages may refer to the base salary, and interest or premium component.

"the Percentage by which you would like to increase your salary, depends on your argument — says Maria Zhukova. — So, voicing the desired amount, try to be very objective and take care of the facts. A good indicator can serve the market situation. If you work in the company's overall level of market salaries has increased significantly, it can safely be called market value of your labor."

the fourth Step. Crucial conversation

Finally, you come to the main point: a conversation with the head. Psychologists tried to reassure: "a salary Increase or promotion is not a matter of life and death, but only the acquisition of another life experience, and, of course, a way to improve the material and social status. Don't forget that there are always plenty of alternatives to achieve the desired. You only need to learn to see them and use".

however, their interests rarely work: at the crucial moment the person starts to worry, and the conversation can get crumpled or even just not happen.

Build a plan of what you want to say. Experts suggest instead to say that you are not satisfied with the present salary or position, as the majority of people, you need to use a different approach. For the successful outcome of negotiations on wages can be demonstrated to the chief their own achievements or the dynamics of the market in which the same experts in competing companies started to get bigger.

We asked our experts to simulate the situation of the conversation with the boss.

Anna lenda: "Ivan, I wanted to discuss with you my work. I really like to work in our company, and I want to do the most good. Therefore, it is important for me to understand how you evaluate me. What do you think, what you'd like me to work? How do you think I have prospects for promotion or salary increase (of course, if the company has such opportunity)? I want to introduce to your chances and your appreciation of my work. Because the wage is too assessment".

"is Not worth it to argue his desire to make more money with the words: "I have been working for two years, never had a vacation and never call in sick," or "I spend all weekend in the office," continued land. — Such arguments are nothing but irritation you will cause". In no case do not put the ultimatum: "either you increase my salary or I'll quit." The most probable answer is "Dismiss."

here is an example of the response of Olesya Milekhina: "Ivan Ivanovich! Could you give me a few minutes? I really like to work in our company. I'm interested in the tasks that I decide I have established good relations in the team, and I see further prospects for professional and career growth. The only thing I know that the income specialists with my education and experience in the past year, the average market grew by 20%. In this regard, would you consider reviewing my motivation system, or to listen to my suggestions on this issue?"

And if failure?

Psychologists, again, try to console failure is not a reason for depression. If you refused to raise, please talk to your Manager to give you a number of responsibilities that will be rewarded. If this does not suit you, then just ask what is the reason for the decision. "Even if the employer wants to raise your salary, he is not always able to do it, — said Anna lenda.

In this case, ask when you can return to this conversation. If you are refused because the quality of your work does not meet the requirements of the manual, ask what needs to change to improve your results. Make a list of goals and objectives that you and your Manager clearly understand what you agreed to".

milekhina Olesya and Mariya Zhukova agrees with this view: "If the employee is generally satisfied with his current job, it is not necessary to make hasty decisions about leaving the company. Speaking of raising, it would be appropriate to come back in a few months."


To the West periodic reminder to the user about raise element of work culture. In Russia, the workers, initiating conversations about salary increments are often perceived as wannabes. But what to do if the volume of work grow, but the leadership is not in a hurry to please the news about the increase of wages? The main thing – to cope with emotions and to think carefully about the argument.

Research center recruitment portal together with the heads of domestic enterprises and organizations will learn which arguments will help to achieve a salary increase, and have analyzed the most common mistakes people make in this situation workers.

Peace, and only peace

Obviously, as with any important discussion, conversation about the increase of salary should not start "on emotions". Phrases like: "I, as a slave, working without breaks and days off", "In my Department alone I'm working" or "Not getting a raise, I'll quit", most likely, will not cause the desire of management to increase to You the salary. Moreover, they can lead to tragic consequences, for example, to delay a long-awaited promotion, or that not too nice, will ruin Your business reputation.

it is Important to choose the right time to talk. It should be a time period that is convenient for Your supervisor and good for the company (the seasonal increase in sales, etc.).

But the most important is a clear understanding of what arguments you should bring the proof that by increasing Your salary will benefit not only Your personal budget, but also the company.


Almost every third Manager (32 per cent) confident that the raise is worthy of only one employee who made a personal contribution to the development and prosperity of the company. It is important that an employee's opinion of the importance of his achievements coincided with the point of view of the authorities. "The real increase should be based on a real return man to the cause he served"; "If the employee proves documented its contribution to the development of the company, he can claim the higher remuneration", — explained his position the heads.

and busy as a bee

a Good ground for starting a conversation about raising wages for 28% of managers believe new responsibilities, increased workload and expansion of the zone of responsibility of the employee. "If I give evidence of increasing functionality, of course, the salary will be revised upwards"; "For new responsibilities to pay on-new" — comment on them.

the Experience – the son of errors difficult

professional development, mastering new computer programs acquired in the process of professional activity knowledge and experience, this Luggage allows You to Express yourself as a more skilled and therefore more expensive specialist. Sure 17% leaders: "time Passes, and the employee becomes more experienced"; "Acquired knowledge is a weighty argument."

the Pros with the character

Such personal qualities as determination and tenacity, combined with professionalism – a serious bid for success. Such a specialist is not a sin to raise the salary, — I believe 9% of the managers. "Convince me, that means the work is worth something"; "I Love people, to adequately evaluate itself," — says they are.


And finally – an important point: that the conversation with the leadership about the increase in salary was a success, all the arguments You plan to present to the user during the conversation, you should write on a separate sheet of paper or in a notebook, highlighting the most important – it will be easier to cope with anxiety and competently to build dialogue. "Cheat sheet" should also contain Your initial and advanced functionality and the desired amount of the salary. If You seriously doubt their willingness to the conversation – practice conversation with the boss at home in front of the mirror.

But don't expect a salary increase if You:

— have not led to serious arguments – in other words, You do not fully understand or do not know how to formulate what You should increase the salary;

— picked the wrong time – the conversation took place not in time (seasonal sales slowdown, high employment of teacher, etc.);

— have overestimated its importance – it is unlikely the leader will be happy with inflated salary expectations, without the reason;

— you do not have the tangible accomplishments of the unsatisfactory results of the work, failure to plan;

— not confident – pessimistic-compassionate tone – not what he wants to hear Your head;

— used blackmail – the ultimate nature of the request or threat of dismissal will only set the head against You;

— refer to colleagues compare their salaries with the salaries of colleagues, and complaints relating to their alleged unfair work – not an argument for a raise of salary;

— develop assertiveness – the head can give the impression that in addition to the salary You company not interested in anything else.

the figures

the Conversation with the head of salary increase at least once wound up 51% of the work of Russians. Interestingly, among the "asylum" more men (57% vs. 45% among women), but women asking for a raise is more effective – increase the salary in the desired quantity to achieve 32% of women (compared to 29% among men).


the company You work for more than a year. Achieved goals, satisfied customers and clients, new challenges — only to wages is not affected. Forget about the words of Bulgakov: "Never about what do not ask. They will come and you will give." If you are hoping for telepathic communication with the head, be prepared that the budget for higher wages will leave more assertive and talkative colleagues.

to Talk about raising wages is neatly and accurately.

"tell Me P. — analyst one of the teams. He came to us eight months ago, says the HR Manager of it company. — With the work done, but no more. New task did not want to take on in-house training did not go, colleagues to help refused. And started with the fact that time has passed and he expects wage growth.

"Indexing" — that's how he put it. Still amazed that people expect increases in just for years of service without putting in any effort."

How not to ask for a raise

the Blackmail: "Either you pay me N, or I'm leaving". Going to work high once, and you will automatically be candidates for a breakup.

Whim: "I have three years of work, where is my raise?" Pay for results, not for time. If there is no tangible benefit, your position may be optimized.

the gossip: "why Ivanov was promoted and not me?" Often, bonuses and wages — part trade secrets that employees should not disclose.

Pity: you have a mortgage, a pregnant wife, old parents. The company hires your professionalism, not personal situation.

eyes Closed: a nearby Department cut spending "cut", and here you are with your career. Caution: you can get a hot hand!

How to ask for a raise

After the evaluation, summarizing the results, closing big deals: "Look, I consistently beat the target by 20%" or "this year I proposed a scheme of tax optimization, which saved us N rubles."

When you assign a new task: "I am ready to take on another project. But let's reconsider the level of my salary, as this will increase my load by 30%."

the promotion: "I Want to clarify how to change my income in the transition".

the Best time to have this conversation — the 3-4th quarter, since the budget planning for next year.

If the meeting ended in failure, be sure to ask: what can you do to ensure that your salary increased? Discuss a time when you can come back to this issue.

Market offers

You decided to actively search for work. What to do to increase your income during the transition from one company to another?

to Study the market: go through a few interviews, talk to a representative of the employment Agency. Review summary similar professionals.

To understand the market "fork", need to see at least 50-100 summary. Consider two or more job offers you will remove internal tension "will not take, will choose not to choose" and calmer to hold talks on wages. Don't take the first job offer. If the proposed amount is less than you expected, be correct, but convincing: "I am very interested in your offer, but, honestly, I was expecting a proposal in the area .... rubles. I am now having a contest in two seats, and there for the money is more. Is it possible to change the level of income?" Ask questions and evaluate the proposal in a comprehensive manner. Sometimes the difference in the level of wages in several thousand kompensiruet corporate sports, foreign language courses, dinners in the office and VHI for family members. Ask about the compensation package to make an informed decision.

the Question of income — sensitive and difficult to discuss. But it affects the quality of your life. Bleed skill such negotiations: it will work for you throughout your career! To understand the tactics of negotiation and the intricacies of the job search will help Academy HeadHunter: a unit online course dedicated to the career development and employment.