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It is Known that quilting originated in Ancient Egypt, but his true homeland is England. In the SIXTEENTH century from India to England brought a lovely cotton fabric. Remnants from cut priceless Indian printed cotton women began to decorate clothes, collecting scraps in a fabric and giving this technique the name "patchwork" (patch — patch work — work). From England patchwork migrated to other European countries and in America, where is called "quilting" — the word "quilt", that in translation from English — the three-layer quilt. That is, unlike pechvork, a quilt always consists of three layers, quilted by hand and immediately clean. As for Russia, quilting began to develop here only in the mid-NINETEENTH century, but immediately gained popularity: quilt and other pieces of the flaps were not only utilitarian, but also one of the main elements of the decoration of a peasant house. Nice and warm, its festive they were inseparable from the old Slavic sense of universal harmony.