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Fuck the state inspection of small vehicles

On Your website - very few visitors 09.09.2019 at 16:00

On Your website - very few visitors -

The other day at dusk a drunk man on a boat with no lights knocked down a wakeboarder on the Moscow river.

it would Seem - well, sometimes, an accident, a coincidence.

But in fact the situation is predictable, the system error, all expected and natural.

it all Started with the fact that in Russia for some dick ruined the service inspectors GIMS (State inspection on small size vessels). Inspectors devalued and lowered their salaries. They resigned EN masse.

And now the water started in Russia anarchy. You can do anything, no control no more. You can ski without a life jacket, you drunk, you can be partisan without lights, control no.

Be careful on the water, to keep order until there is no one. And here is a real ass.

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