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10.09.2019 14:04 : Popular rap musician Timothy, under public pressure, was forced to remove from the Internet your new clip

News | Moscow Echo 10.09.2019 at 11:04

News on the echo of Moscow

Song, praising Moscow and the city authorities, was released on the eve of elections.

the Video for the song "Moscow" has caused a lot of noise — sorry musician. Timothy said that he supports the mayor, but since this view is unpopular in society, then a video must be removed so as not to annoy people without reason. In the song, support the incumbent mayor is not covered, the contractor has devoted its activities almost the entire verse.

Almost three days the video attracted more than a million of negative feedback. For the Russian segment of Youtube is an absolute record. Many people openly mocked the clip on social networks and accused the performers in the work for the municipality during the election campaign to the Moscow city Duma.

the Second author of the song, the rapper Gough even decided to apologize for my participation in this recording. In his part of the track he remembered the last three mayors of Moscow and said that each of them was their approach to the city. According to the musician, he did not know that now held some elections and not connected its activities with the policy.

Gough also noted that after an event is unlikely ever to write songs together with Timothy.

last year on elections of the mayor of the rapper Timati was a member of the public movement "For Sobyanin", and previously was a confidant of President Vladimir Putin.