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10.09.2019 14:43 : Koptevo court of Moscow in these moments continues to consider the claim of "Mosgortrans" to the opposition

News | Moscow Echo 10.09.2019 at 11:43

News on the echo of Moscow

The company Budget says that suffered losses due to road closures by protesters during the rally on July 27.

On the merits the claim of "Mosgortrans" to the oppositionist Alexey Navalny and his associates in excess of a million rubles, the court is still to study not started. Yet it just goes about the motions from the representatives of the defendants. They concerned, in particular, adjournment of the meeting, reclamation of financial statements "Mosgortrans" and attracting as co-defendants of Regardie and the police. All these requests, however, were rejected by the judge Vera Petrova. The lawyers then demanded her removal. So, for example, one of the present defendants, the politician Vladimir Milov, suggested that her actions are caused by the incompetence or bias. The defenders also drew attention to the procedural violations. But the judge Petrov my withdrawal was rejected. In turn, representatives of "Mosgortrans" during the replica exchange called some claims "unconstitutional" and said the desire to expedite the process, not to "finish the quarter with losses." One of them even admitted that in 25 years of career for the first time present at the meeting, corresponding, in his opinion, the civil procedure code.

the Claims against Navalny Fund to fight corruption and a number of unregistered candidates to the Moscow city Duma has previously filed several structures. All of them concerned the protest rally on July 27 in the center of Moscow, and the total amount of claims exceeds 1 billion rubles.