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Court of the United States fully legalized scraping sites and banned him technically to prevent

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Yesterday the court of Appeal of the 9th circuit United States took the decision (pdf) that scraping public sites is not against the law CFAA (Computer Fraud and Abuse Act).

It is really an important decision. The court not only legalized this practice, but forbidden to interfere with the competitors to remove the information from your website automatically, if site is public. The court confirmed clear logic that entering the bot-scraper legally no different from entering the browser. In both cases the user asks to open data and doing something with them on my side.

Now, many site owners are trying to put technical obstacles to competitors who copy their information is not protected by copyright. For example, the prices for tickets, merchandise lots, open user profiles, etc. Some sites consider this info "proprietary" and scraping regarded as "theft". Legally it is not so that it is now officially fixed in the United States.

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