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Schiit Audio has announced the release of two new models Bifrost and Asgard 2 3 retail and distribution 03.09.2019 at 09:16

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Schiit Audio announced the release of the Bifrost and DAC 2 preamp/headphone amplifier/DAC Asgard 3 has received an updated circuit design and modification, and software upgrade

once upon a time, in California, Schiit Audio began manufacturing compact Hi-Fi component and they were called the Asgard and Bifrost. On August 28, 2019 released a new version of Asgard and Bifrost 3 2 which are radically different from previous models and, moreover, are extremely profitable investment because of the possibility of a hardware modification or software upgrade.

At the output of the headphone amplifier Asgard 3 now produces 3.5 times more power (3.5 W at 32 Ohms). Its output stages work in class A, as it was in previous versions, they are built with the use of proprietary circuit design Continuity, which has also been implemented in models 3 and Lyr Aegir. The Continuity circuitry allows the amplifier to go beyond the limits of classic class A. In standard mode gives the Asgard 3 500 mW in class A and most headphones will not go beyond this value. However, if you need more power, it will provide up to 3.5 watts into 32-Ohm load on both channels. Asgard 3 has a modular design and by the user it can be equipped with module USB-DAC on the chip AK4490 or brand multibyte scheme True Multibit DAC. The DAC modules used are the same as those in models 3 and Lyr Jotunheim. Thus Asgard 3 turns into a full-featured, rugged solution that is easy to place on the desktop next to the computer.

Those who prefer a separate DAC, Schiit Audio Bifrost offers 2 based on the latest hardware platform Autonomy and having the entrance Unison USB. Unison USB Bifrost is a premiere branded solution from Schiit Audio. It is not based on popular chips like C-Media or XMOS, and is completely original UAC2-compliant interface assembled on a Microchip microcontroller.

the Scheme multibanco DAC is now based on the 18-bit Analog Devices chip AD5781ARUZ, like the Gungnir, despite the fact that the price tag for Bifrost 2 is much more modest. In addition there was an enhanced, more powerful power supply with large transformer and separate power rails for different parts of the scheme. Another innovation was the remote control which you can use to switch inputs, mute and invert the phase of the signal.

the Beginning of sales in Russia is expected in October this year in the following approximate prices:

Bifrost 2 - 65 000 rubles Asgard 3 (without DAC) – 25 000 rubles 3 Asgard (DAC AK4490) – 39 000 rubles Asgard 3 (Multibit DAC) – 49 000 rubles