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Story # 2 September 10, 2019

A dozen new stories. Anecdotes from Russia. 09.09.2019 at 21:00

Jokes from Russia - the most funny jokes, stories, sayings and phrases, poems, cartoons, and other humor. Go from 8 November 1995. Compiler Dima Verner

My friend the Professor saved

studied At the Institute, frankly – not always intense. Especially for non-core subjects. And here is the exam... know Nothing, no notes - a situation familiar to many. Sitting three groups by the amphitheater teacher somewhere at the bottom. Look ticket – one issue of seven vaguely something guess. And that's all. Three books had nothing in them are not found. No one to ask – our all like me, only worse.

Looked from the top to the young Professor that we took – the face of a very sad and wrinkled. Think: "we Need to go! The first traditionally score higher for courage, then to three, there is a chance".

something pathetic depicted on a piece of paper, go to the Professor. He asks:

- Ready?

Shrug in response:

- so...

In the ticket was a lot about optics. Two lines that I wrote, trying to stretch for five minutes. And he fumes rushing, and even it is not clear why more it mangles hangover or stuff that I carry. He frowns, and with a distinct suffering in his voice, with the effort of pushing the words said:

- Nuuu, what are you-somehow not very this issue was prepared... Maybe next will be better?

Again listening to my nonsense, frowns, closes her eyes... Lean in closer to him, whispering:

- That, my friend, sucks?

He surprised:

- what can help?

I'm confident:

- no question! Only three of us.

- How much time is necessary?

To melkosortnogo market on Novoslobodskaya was 10 minutes go. Answer:

- half an hour, and I'm here!

He looked at his watch, to the audience, and slowly nodded. Apparently afraid to aggravate the headache sharp movement.

Run to the market. A liter of vodka, beer, sausages, some smoked in a vacuum, chips, something else...

Return to the audience: "may I?"

He rejoiced and significantly usbdrives:

- Go!

looks up at the audience:

- So! All ready, discipline not to break! Do not try to write off!

Takes the package, goes in the clean room behind the pulpit. I return to my Desk.

this is all rustled, whispered...

He comes back, the face smoothed, the shoulders rigid, looks confident...

come to him – declares: "Hard four!"

Remind: "three of Us". And stretch a piece of paper with two names. He nods.

Out from the audience. My two friends in the hallway. Say: "Come on, hand it over!"


Here five years ago, met with them, I remember this case – I say: "was Not this!" Ungrateful...

And the most interesting then was that not only I was so smart. And after the exam the teacher stayed there with our Goodies. One of them the wife is there only on the third day found and took it home.

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