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Ceramic tile Cersanit – material is rightly regarded as the best

Among those represented in the modern consumer market and the range of finishing materials tiles Cersanit occupies a special place. This brand is so popular that at the hearing, even people that are not related to repairs and decoration.

the Popularity of this brand among the clients of the post-Soviet space is not reduced for many years. Despite diversification and the emergence of new products.

the reasoning behind the popularity of the brand

Production of material of this brand is carried out in a country that is part of the European Union. Mandatory requirements for European countries are high standards of production process, quality of products or services.

the Manufacture of faience Cersanit is carried out on modern technologies with use of innovative equipment. Along with almost complete automation, this approach allows the manufacturer to significantly reduce product costs without compromising performance. A reasonable price increases the competitiveness of products on the market.

At the same time, along with reasonable cost the consumer receives superior performance is due to:

• the Careful selection of raw materials.

• Strict adherence to the parameters of the technical process, through the use of precision equipment.

• for an artistic composition developed by a talented designers.

This approach to manufacturing yields a spectacular result.

the features of manufacture and types of tiles

Tile is made from selected clay and rock dust. Stage of the selection framework is tightly controlled. If there is the slightest deviation from the required characteristics (for example, a larger than necessary size fractions crumbs), it is rejected.

Applied two production methods:

• Monocottura. The starting material is compressed under extreme pressure. Then sent for drying. When you reach the desired humidity level on the workpiece is applied to the glaze, and then they go in firing.

• Bicolour. The firing is performed twice. For the first time after the release of the workpieces from the press and again after coating them with glaze.

the exact geometric shape is performed by way of extrusion. The prepared mixture with a paste-like consistency is squeezed through a special form with holes, and then cut.

Choosing the best for indoor or exterior decoration of a house, You can be sure that you will not be disappointed in its quality. And the beauty of this finishing material can be judged by placed on the page photos. Isn't he adorable?