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What is exploring bioethics? :.: Article 09.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Our civilization has reached the point of no return to a stable state. Man is rapidly destroying their habitats. This applies to many factors. Global catastrophe can throw away civilization in the period of the cave's existence for those who survive. Not coincidentally formed the science called bioethics. In the generally understood sense, combines two Greek words — BIOS (life) and ethics (behavior). Bioethics studies the moral attitudes to a number of controversial issues in life. But this is a very vague definition requires further clarification. Before 1970, the word "bioethics" did not exist, although the moral aspect of the science of the debate was conducted by a number of scholars. But they talked only about private actions ethical plan, not integrating them into a coherent program. By the end of the last century it was officially recognized as the emergence of a new science that studies ethical side to development progress. The emphasis was on the moral permissibility of human actions with the "adjustments" of life that can cause threat for all effects and may lead to the extinction of the human species. G. Korzhev, "the Mutants (Turlini)", 1993 Photo: the Range of issues which concern the new science, I repeat, is very large. In the first place even more difficult to put in importance, as here claimed by several directions. But if we focus on disputes among scientists, then perhaps the first place from cloning. With him in the society definitely still has not decided. On the second place (in my opinion) you can put surrogacy. From a moral point of view of a child gestated and born to another woman, owned her, here to enter into any transactions of material just plan unethical. In the third place the problem of artificial abortion. It is proved that any abortion is dangerous for women. But, nevertheless, this termination of pregnancy is widespread in the world. As a result, after several abortions many women are in fact, hidden disabilities, acquiring a severe disease, reducing their period of life. Photo: hhach, by the Way, all world religions are based on the same requirements of the prohibition of cloning, surrogate motherhood and artificial abortion. The reasonableness of these requirements is obvious. Of course, bioethics is not only in one or another field of medicine. A new science explores all aspects of human life. And special emphasis on ethical issues in the development progress. But here there are significant features with the legislation in different countries. Let's say for example that in Germany, surrogacy is prohibited by law. In Russia it is allowed. If we are talking about Russia, it is necessary to elaborate. At least for the reason that there are double ethical standards. Officially in the Russian Federation in 2001, adopted a programme on bioethics. It is quite large and covers problems related Sciences. In particular, ecology. But the program was overtaken by the ethics of creating artificial intelligence with the aim of complete replacement of the person in the workplace. Are in the program and other contentious issues, which (presumably) will be eliminated. Officially in the Russian Federation in 2001 has adopted a programme for boutiquehotel: geralt, In General, talking about bioethics as a topic of ethics in General, it should be noted the fact that it is regrettable that the conclusions of the new science of an essentially only Advisory in nature. This means that they can take note, but to act at its own discretion. ...

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