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How to use diapers, so as not to harm the child? :.: Article 10.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Necessary to put a Monument to the one who came up with the diapers. If they appeared earlier when my children were young, how much easier would life. Picture of my day — three bowls in a row. In the first basin of soapy water; it erased with a wet diaper. Should the child die, he begins a dissatisfied groan and whimper. He was uncomfortable, and take it he does not want to. Diapers two thin and thick flannel. They become wet instantly, so that the pelvis is not empty. The second basin — for the first rinse. The third to re. The water is changed often. Then the diaper is squeezed harder, so they dry quickly, and are hung in long rows. Now, beauty. Baby diapers a hundred times easier for moms life. But every coin has a flip side. My children are accustomed to pots with four months, when not yet able to sit over the pot just keep them. Gradually I trained them to sit on the potty with my help, and then independently. As a rule, to ten months of wet pantyhose was already an insignificant number, but to the year they had become a rarity. The children slept well, waking up sometimes at the pot, but the crib did not write. Photo: Depositphotos Now many children go and sleep with diapers almost up to three years. That diapers will be the legs curve, I certainly do not believe, although I've heard that many times, but the harm of diapers in there. If the child from the first days of life wears diapers day and night, he used to pee in any place and at any time. It in other ways, because the body gets used to this situation. The child grows up and begins to write in a crib during sleep. During the game, he is also not distracted, wets diapers and mustache is not blowing. Parents morning, child abuse, if the bed is wet and he doesn't understand why. Mom it's easier not to be distracted by potties and wet pants when diapers public. Photo: PublicDomainPictures, If you do not want to fix the habit, exercise with your child's potty training, starting from the moment when he got stronger and already holds the back and head. Can sit in the cushions — it's time to start. When began to walk late. It will be harder for you and the baby. Please be patient. First, hold your baby over the potty (not all out at once), then hold when he independently sits on a pot. The time will come and the child will learn to do without your help, and you don't have to daily wash the wet bedding. In a normal year or a little older, the child must figure out what to write in the pants was wrong and himself to be able to use the potty. Many families live is hard enough financially and still have a very long use diapers like we cannot do without them when the baby is a little older. Think of your mothers and grandmothers do without them and the children grew up. Photo: rawpixel, I do not call to abandon diapers completely. The first four to six months they are needed. But still, starting at two months of age, rest your baby's body, begin slowly to accustom him to the fact that the diaper — not a sequel, it's a foreign object, is temporary. He sometimes inventory of the sliders and remember, like he was uncomfortable. The child himself will begin to worry before you recover, and you will soon start to grasp and understand these signals. Calculate how much diapers cost your family find the money to better use. But at the same time save yourself and the younger son from problems in the future. ...

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