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How to attract the energy of wealth and get rid of poverty? :.: Article 10.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Poverty and wealth, as experts say the now fashionable doctrine of Feng Shui, different energy opposite in nature. Poor people find it difficult to escape poverty because they are surrounded by "energy poverty". They radiate and amplify their actions and thoughts. In order to escape poverty, they need to learn to emit vibrations, attracting wealth, attracting into their life the money. How to do it? How to attract into your life the energy of wealth and get rid of poverty? Let's try together to understand these issues. Experts in the field of bioenergy and esoteric claim, that is a poor man to start acting like he's rich, his financial situation begins to improve. The behavior of successful and wealthy people attracted to them wealth, contributes to its enhancement. In order to attract into your life the prosperity and out of poverty, it is also necessary to bring order to what surrounds us. Get rid of everything that creates vibration inherent in poverty. Energy poverty is radiating disorder out into the house. In dirty and untidy home, with unwashed Windows and things strewn in the corners, the money is not there. Remember this rule and try to keep their homes clean. Clutter emits energy benotigte: Depositphotos To things with negative energy and attracting in your home poverty, is that people call junk. The mountain of things degraded that you have not in use, block the energy of wealth. She cannot penetrate into your home and freely out there to circulate, attracting prosperity. To ensure that your life became something new, you should remove it from the old stuff and free up space. Many inherent tendency to throw things they no longer enjoy. Pile them just in case, and suddenly come in handy! This stuff and prevent us to say goodbye with financial problems. Poverty provokes and our habit to save on everything. We are ready to darn stockings, not to spend money on a new one. We satyrium underwear to holes, but continue to wear it. Under the outerwear you do not see that to wear the junk. We are afraid to spend an extra penny, preferring to have money saved for a "rainy day". With these actions, we program ourselves for failure and financial problems. Not Krokhalinaya: Depositphotos is Another reason why we are unable to improve their financial condition, is the prohibition of dreams. We don't allow ourselves to dream about travelling to distant countries, telling myself that it was too expensive. We pass by shop Windows with expensive fur coats, saying to himself that we do not deserve such luxury. Indulging even in dreams, we doom ourselves to poverty. We put that money in dreams is not and never will be. Is it any wonder that this happens? How to bring into your home prosperity? How to charge your home "energy wealth"? You will need to follow the rules of attracting financial wellbeing: Learn to keep your house clean and tidy. Money are not found where muddy. They do not like clutter. The energy of wealth enters our house through the door. To attract wealth, make sure that they were clean as was the hallway, and the hallway. Photo: Depositphotos, One of the enemies of energy wealth are dirty dusty Windows. They are from the point of view of Feng Shui are the gates to the future. What kind of future may await us if we don't see him clearly through the dirty glass? Draw conclusions and try to keep your home clean and tidy to attract wealth. Let your house will be only those things that you regularly use that you need in everyday life. The objects that you are touching at least a few times a year, accumulate the energy of stagnation, so the financial situation is not improving, incomes are rising, in cases of stagnation! Try these things to remove from your home. If, for example, we are talking about books that are in your home more for beauty than for business several times a year to sort out, to move to another place. And, of course, to keep clean! Do not allow a situation when bookshelves become a bunch of dust. Photo: Depositphotos Remember that money likes order and cleanliness, as well as the energy of motion. Start to think positively. Thanks to the "right" thoughts, we form a powerful energy to attract success, prosperity, happiness. Allow yourself to dream! Visualize what you want, draw in our imagination the images of happiness, prosperous life and success. Believe that everything will come true. Convince themselves that dreams are possible. All that you seek will be in your life. The universe will help you to fulfill your desires, if you back them with abiding faith and action aimed at their achievement. Do charity. Money does not like stingy people. Energy wealth required equivalent exchange. To get something good from life, you must learn to share the benefits with other people. If you receive money, you lay them and deal with hoarding, the balance is disturbed. N. A. Kasatkin, "Good grandfather", 1899 Photo: Part of their income should give for a good cause. The good will return a hundredfold. Donate money to help the sick and needy, feed the homeless animals, do pious deeds. If you share material goods with those who need them, it will contribute to the fact that you are surrounded by the energy of prosperity. Don't let money become your religion and the main purpose in life. Remember that the money we need to live and not to live for them. Take care of yourself in the true values, and the material will come. ...

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