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For whatever reasons, the Earth loses oxygen? :.: Article 10.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

In September 2016 in the scientific journal "Science" published an article about what changes occur in the Earth's atmosphere. The article caused fierce debate among scientists in many countries, since it was first convincingly shown dangerous to the future of civilization is a decrease in the level of oxygen in the air. A large group of scientists at Princeton University (USA) studied ice cores from Greenland, which reliably showed the composition of the atmosphere of the planet Earth over the last 800 thousand years. These cores come from glaciers of Antarctica and Greenland with various depths. An important feature of them is that in "sealed" form, they contain oxygen and other gases. Taking gas samples from air bubbles preserved in ice, scientists gradually made a chart showing the course of change in the planet's atmosphere. It was found that during the given period of time, the oxygen content was 0.7% less. It would seem that in the geological scale of this tiny figure. But the relevance of research not in it, and that in the last hundred years, judging by the cores significantly accelerate the process of "departure" of oxygen from the lower layers of the atmosphere. To speak about the possible reasons for this, we must first detail to become in the history of the Earth. National ice core laboratory in Denverite: Source of Oxygen on our planet appeared in the atmosphere not immediately. It began "deliver" as its development of blue-green algae. Later this process was supported and in other ways. Periodic global ice ages influenced the amount of oxygen. In General it is absorbed by silicates and is in them in a bound form. During warming was more in the atmosphere of carbon dioxide. These changes went very slowly over many millions of years. Fluctuations of carbon dioxide "regulated" cooling and warming on the planet. The excess of this gas were taken on the sea. Plants also absorb carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen. But in this natural process of self-regulation has interfered people. Active burning of hydrocarbons, the rapid development of industry and technology has launched a poorly controlled process of accelerated oxygen consumption. The sea and the plants are already failing to keep pace with our civilization. To the above have much to add to the mindless destruction of forests in Brazil and Russia. The Amazon rainforest and Siberian taiga are not in vain called the lungs of the planet. However, over-cutting of forests is still not fully impact on the reduction of oxygen in the atmosphere. But, of course, affect in the future. Lacapelette: Depositphotos In principle, the situation with oxygen is more critical. But if we consider the ongoing global warming and climate change on the planet due to the greenhouse effect, the picture becomes more sad. Will be flooded many parts of the continents. This means that water will destroy the ground vegetation. Changing the acidity of sea water will dramatically reduce the ability of algae to produce oxygen. What all this portends is difficult to say. Although scientists say that the planet can balance the situation, but it would need a million years. And then if the person is aware of the level of another catastrophe and abandon their destructive actions. ...

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