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Beauty — terrible force? :.: Article 10.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

I grew up near this amazing woman. She was a simple, unimposing old lady, constantly alopecosa at home or listening to the radio, leaned against his right ear. "Breaking news transfer", she said when, lifting up old index finger. It was the kind of sign that come to our great grandmother need a little later, when these same "latest news" end. Not "news", namely "breaking news" — this phrase, uttered every time we visited her outside of school hours, is firmly etched in my memory. I also remember the old clocks with weights, old Czech set with a pattern of autumn leaves and cast iron Pushkin, standing on a black iron shelf. To passionate fans of reading my great-grandmother was not, but Pushkin, as she said, "respected". And memory, like pictures imprinted in my head playing solitaire by candlelight. And he played exclusively on the tablecloth green. Nothing else to cover the table for such an event was not allowed. I was lucky. I have lived with it side by side for 18 years... What more memorable? Stories. For a long life, they have accumulated a lot, and I, as a small girl, I loved to listen this melodious voice. She told me, and I, resting his chin in his hand, listening. I understood, of course, not all, but I liked these artless stories of life! The old woman said, and I turned all my imagination and tried to draw in my head "what happened". Memory is an amazing thing. Many years have passed, and I still remember these wonderful stories told in the simplest language, devoid of affectation and not embellished a single invented word... According to one of the famous pop singers, "girls from high society is difficult to avoid loneliness". But the society of my young great-grandmother of Alexandra Pavlovna was the most that neither is normal. The school society. And consisting of some only girls, for boys, shegoleva uniform caps with shiny black visors, studied the building across the street. Alexandra Pavlovna of Grosseto: Magdalene gross, a personal archive With 15 years great-grandmother was reputed to be the prettiest girl in the whole district. No wonder the young engineer-chemist Boris V. gross just lost my head as soon as I saw the girl returning with books from school. He deliberates for a long time did not: a few days went and came to her parents with a proposal of marriage of their middle daughter. Those, however, were initially a bit confused — the difference in age was, in their opinion, too big almost 15 years. They could not imagine that their young Shura, has not yet graduated from the course of school, become wife enough respectable man, educated and highly respected. But Boris was insistent: for all he gave asseveration is to love your future spouse more than life. Once the Shura was 16 years old, were married. Boris was a man of words: young wife knew no failure in any of their requests. Now hardly anyone would know yesterday a schoolgirl, a permanent closet which recently consisted of a uniform brown dresses, the obligatory white apron and a pair of ordinary shoes, bought in shop close to home. Alexandra p. in zamujestve: Magdalene gross, personal archive of Clothing was sewn in the latest fashion at the best tailors of the city. A wardrobe filled redingotes, dresses with wide hems, countless capes, hats, gloves... a Separate Cabinet was reserved for Manto — was influenced by French fashion. Fashionistas Sascha especially liked the loose fit of the clothes and the complete lack of buttons. And I must say, she has remained true to its taste for many years. In terms of fashion items and accessories example was to take one of my older sisters Anfisa was a pile of fashion magazines of the time. True, her clothes often differed congestion and excess parts. Once even happened in this incident: Anfisa, buying a dress in an expensive fashion shop, found it "too simple" and came home and personally decorated with lots of lace flowers, silk ribbons and glass beads. However, it is so overdone that after these efforts of the dresses already practically it was not visible because of the countless "add-ons". Itself great-grandmother was very fond of French lace, which at that time was also in great Vogue. And on this occasion in the closet until the revolution of 1917 took a prominent place mantillas. First it was long lace capes, and then the fashion changed, and long capes gave way to the blouses. But blouses are not simple, natural and entirely made of the French lace. And I could not resist great-grandmother, when the style of dress included fringe on the ends of the sleeves (and this fringed sleeves it also is not changed until the end of his long life). Sister Anfisa with agentto: Magdalene gross, personal archive of Additions in ready-to-wear she, like her sister, not made, however, a bit being able to embroider, decorated with silk and cambric handkerchiefs, simple colors or two letters "A" and "P" that meant her name and a middle name — Alexandra Pavlovna. By the way, the handkerchief in the early twentieth century was considered a mandatory attribute of the female wardrobe. And given shawls not one, but a dozen or so was made. The house was arranged dance evenings, gave dinners and suppers, the guests were people mainly from the environment of her husband. There was music (from Germany was specially written piano company "Gustav Fiedler"). Society dazzled by the refinement of manners and fashionable clothes. It will take some time, and the First world war and then October revolution abruptly changed the life of the intelligentsia. About fashionable toilets have long forgotten. But that's another story...

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