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How much money should a student for a month? :.: Article 10.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

How much money does a student to live in different cities? Where to take money? These questions are always relevant to current and future students and their parents. Student time — one of the memorable stages in life. But the modern student must not only learn, but also to tackle pressing issues. The main one is the constant shortage of funds. Together with the project Loans Online ( we will understand how much money a student in Moscow, the regions, for what purposes they spend it and how to solve the problem of shortage of Finance. What you will have to spend more money Funds student and parents go for tuition, housing, food. While the younger generation will also have to spend money on public transport, educational materials, and because I want to have fun. City of residence strongly influences the costs of the student. In Moscow or Saint Petersburg minimal spending while living in the Dorm will be about 14-17 thousand rubles per month without the cost of training. If you rent a separate apartment, the cost will be higher — 35-40 thousand rubles. In the regions to spend less. Student residing in the hostel can exist at a fairly tolerable level by spending 10-12 thousand rubles a month, and together with renting an apartment you can meet, for example, in Ekaterinburg to 25-27 thousand roubles. Tuition the Cost of tuition depends on the University, specialty and other factors. In Ekaterinburg in the majority of Universities for a year of training you will have to pay from 70 to 150 thousand roubles a year. In Ivanov for the year of study you will have to pay 60 to 80 thousand, in St.-Petersburg — 80-200 thousand, and in Moscow the price may reach 300-400 thousand rubles and more. If you arrive on a budgetary place, to pay for school is not necessary, and you can also get a scholarship. Standard the size of student — 1633 rubles a month. Accommodation students have to arrange accommodation. The costs will depend not only on the selected city. Significantly, the price will affect the type of accommodation — dormitory, rented room or apartment. Accommodation in the dormitory of the Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg) will cost about 1500 rubles. Approximately the same amount will go to the "Dorm" students in Khabarovsk and other regions. In Moscow, St.-Petersburg the price is higher — up to 3 or 5 thousand. To rent an apartment in the regions it is possible for 14-17 thousand rubles a month. In Moscow, St. Petersburg will have to pay the rent in this case more than 25-30 thousand rubles If to accommodate in the dormitory did not work or there is no desire, but I want to save money, you can rent a room, it would cost about half the cost of renting an apartment. Nutrition good nutrition, including Breakfast, lunch and dinner, according to statistics, will cost around 7000-9000 rubles. In this amount you can meet, if you prepare your own meals. It also includes the costs of household chemicals, hygiene products. In many ways, the cost of food will depend on the specific tastes of the student. If you eat at catering establishments, the amount will have to increase — at least 2-3 times, maybe more. Clothing Needs for clothing are different in different people. A one-digit number to give here is quite difficult. If you save all, you still have to postpone the necessary things to at least 2000-3000 rubles per month. Many students bring almost all the things with him or enjoy the additional support of parents to buy clothes. But not everyone has that opportunity. Travel full-time Students belong to the privileged categories of citizens and on the drive they will have to spend less. In Moscow unlimited metro card will cost monthly at 395 rubles. If you need to use ground transportation, you will have to pay 260 rubles. In St. Petersburg for a single travel on tram, bus, metro and trolley bus the student will have to pay more — 1035 roubles. In Ekaterinburg the price of travel for students is even higher. For a monthly ticket for the 3 types of transport (bus, tram, trolleybus) is 1575 rubles, and only 1 mode of transport — 1100 rubles per month. Educational materials, Notebooks, pens, books and supplies for technology also costs money. Their student will have to buy regularly. Prices on accessories for almost will not differ depending on the region. On average, they will have to spend about 500-1000 rubles. The acquisition of various teaching AIDS required not regularly and not always. Educational institutions provide their students if not on paper then at least in electronic form. But still have the reserve they need and it is necessary to lay about 500 rubles per month. Themed leisure education institutions are actively developing for students the various sections, studios and other types of entertainment. To visit many of the exhibitions can also be free. But students sometimes want to go to the movies or attend an event where entrance is only possible for the money. Even the most frugal students on entertainment lay at least 500 rubles. Where to borrow money Most students have to sit on the neck of the parents. But to provide substantial financial support to the children can not do everything. Many students to solve financial problems have to find jobs to combine study and work. And if you have any unexpected expenses or force majeure situation, it is necessary to think where to take money. Popular jobs to Find work for students is not easy. It is necessary to combine work with schooling. But for students there are many jobs: Courier. Possible delivery of correspondence, goods. Earnings can be up to 1-2 thousand rubles a day or 20 to 28 thousand rubles per month. Often you can make your own schedule.Seller-consultant. A large network without the problems of hiring students who can work 3-4 days a week. The salary is on average 15-20 thousand rubles a month.Tutor. The option is ideal for those who have no problems with learning. Schedule you can pick up almost any. Salary 300-2000 per hour.A ticket collector at the theatre or cinema. Flexible schedule or work nights and weekends. Salary 15-25 thousand rubles per month.The dispatcher on the phone. Schedule may vary as the activity of the company-employer. Salary of 15-20 thousand rubles a month. Loans for students cash Loan students to receive nearly impossible due to the nature of employment, age and often lack of credit history. To solve the problem will help the following loan products: a Loan of MFIs. Microfinance organizations are loyal customers of any age, do not require reference to the salary. But they issue debt is often just small amounts and for short periods.Loan at a pawn shop. To get the money this way you can just bail. When bad debt in the period laid thing will sell. Rates at pawnshops rather high.Credit card from the Bank. It is easier to obtain than consumer credit. When using grace period, you pay no interest if you repay the debt before it ends. Additionally, you can save in the presence of a cashback. The student can use the credit products of financial institutions only after he turns 18 years old. With a minor credit contract in most cases are not concluded. ...