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How to rent an apartment to rent without using a realtor? :.: Article 10.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

To Find tenants on your own or seek professional help? Here is the question that confronts those wishing to rent an apartment. Consider the features independent of the search, and the tenants will give the answer to the question: "Why do I need a realtor?" Independent search of tenants, You can go several ways: to enter the housing market, post ads, to do posting of ads on the boards, to inform their friends and relatives about the rent. We present several pitfalls of self-search tenants: 1. The rent to friends or relatives may lead to a deterioration of relationships, because hiring is a process associated with various everyday situations, such as domestic housing repairs, relations with neighbors, pay for utilities and rent. And the cost is likely to have to reduce "their". 2. The lack of a legally binding contract, of course, if you are not a lawyer. It is better the important thing is to trust the professional who will execute the contract with all the legal technicalities of recruitment. In the solution of frequently occurring disputes, the contract often is a powerful argument, which is valid even in the court often plays a crucial role when making a decision. Photo: Depositphotos 3. It is likely to find unscrupulous tenants. Personal realtor will not hide from you such facts as the presence of Pets, persons, not stated in the contract, deception of family members of employers. And this is only part of the most common deceptions that thrive, unfortunately, in the real estate market. We recommend you to turn to one specialist, the employee of a reliable real estate Agency. This way you eliminate the risk of being cheated, indeed such "exclusive" objects are particularly sought after realtors. The agent will offer your apartment to customers in the first place and carefully approach the selection of your future tenants. Preparation of your property for showings will Give some tips on preparing apartments for leasing: 1. Remove all personal belongings. If you rent an apartment for a while before joining the legacy, nothing needs to inform your potential tenant. Curtained mirrors, commemorative wine glasses and portraits with black ribbons in the apartment is unlikely to benefit the process of renting apartments and will only frighten the client. If you find this meaningful ritual, it is better to postpone the surrender of the apartment for 6 months. Photo: Free-Photos, 2. Bring the apartment in order. Clean, air. If you want a cosmetic repair and fine finishing, better guide them — this will positively influence the impression of your home and its value. 3. If you hand over the communal, arrange with neighbors in advance that you plan to conduct screenings. The same applies to cases when it is not moved out the previous tenants. Warn them about the show, ask to restore order, to remove personal belongings. 4. Get in the stairwell and the Elevator. It happens that an interested client simply does not reach the apartment, shocked by the state of the entrance, the Elevator, the smell in the house. 5. Take care of the presence of furniture, appliances and their health. A future tenant may want to expand the sofa or turn on the oven. Good luck with the rent and everything else, too! ...

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