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Search for news, setting touch screen and other changes in the update 9.0.0 Nintendo Switch the latest news on games. 11.09.2019 at 07:16 ( - all about the world of computer games.

Last update came out June 18, and raised, according to the developer, "overall system stability" and the larger update number 8.0.0 Switsh received in April. Now on the console began to enter the 9.0.0 update, and what features and enhancements have been added: Added the long-awaited search function for the news channels. You can now find news for a particular word or phrase and switching the filter to "All channels/subscribed Channels". In "Settings" user added "Show QR code and check in". It need to confirm your account Nintendo at various events to receive any benefits participants in the program, My Nintendo. The "Notifications" section in system settings is supplemented with paragraph "configure alerts". Here you can view and delete installed alarms which are activated only compatible software that will be added later. Waiting for the alarm clock with the calendar Switch. To use this feature may require additional upgrade. Now you can adjust the sensitivity of the touch screen by selecting settings in the section "Controllers/sensors" and "Sensitivity" screen. By default the selected standard, and setting the mode to "Stylus" sensitivity is increased to improve handling while using the stylus. Added option to enable/disable reaction on button (only for Nintendo Switch Light). When this option is disabled, the console will not respond to pressing all buttons except capture and return to the HOME menu. In this case, the device can be operated only with connected wireless controller. This option is by default enabled and can be turned off only when connected to the controller. Setting also reverts to the default value when the console is rebooted or brought out of sleep mode. On user page added section "Invitations to play online." In it you will see the invitation to play over network against your friends. And finally: a General increase in the stability of the system to improve user experience. Where do without this item? Although this time, its a bit deciphered, indicating the specific problem. Fixed a bug in which some users were unable to run Fire Emblem: Three Houses. In the end, we got even more stable, on assurance of developers, working Nintendo Switch, and also some quite useful functions. Sorry, once again forgot about the browser and the new theme for the menu. Wait. P. S. don't forget, after you upgrade the console to update the firmware of the controllers Joy-Con: System settings - Controllers/sensors - Upgrade controllers. There is also something installed. Who knows what, but hopefully will not be worse.