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Details of the physical editions Apex c Legends legendary skins and coins Apex the latest news on games. 11.09.2019 at 07:46 ( - all about the world of computer games.

Respawn Entertainment has confirmed the leak of GameStop store. The developers in conjunction with Electronic Arts presented the details of the physical editions of Apex Legends on the official site – "Laflin" and "Bloodhound". Both editions for PC, PS4 and Xbox One will be available in stores on October 18 and evaluated in 1499 rubles or $19.99. The composition of each includes 1000 coins Apex (enough for the combat badge of the third season), but also legendary costumes, coloring books, exclusive logos and banners. Laflin: the Legendary appearance on "angel" for Laflin Legendary painting "Choosing the slain" for "Flatline" banner Exclusive "Winged guardian" Exclusive emblem "the Striking angel" 1000 coins Apex Bloodhound: the legend of the appearance of a "Jammer" for the Bloodhound's Legendary painting "Newonset" for "Bloodhounds" banner Exclusive "Demonic leprosy" Exclusive emblem "Tormentor" 1000 coins Apex