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The Observatory "Spektr-RG" opened a new x-ray source in the milky Way galaxy

3DNews: Novosti Hardware 11.09.2019 at 12:10

3DNews: Novosti Hardware

Russian telescope ART-XC aboard the space Observatory "Spektr-RG", began to perform an early scientific program. During the first scan of the Central "bulges" of the milky Way galaxy have been recorded new x-ray source, called SRGA J174956-34086. For all time of observations was discovered by humans about a million sources of x-ray radiation and only dozens of them have their own names. In most cases, they are called uniformly, and the name becomes the name of the Observatory, opened the source. After opening a new source of scientists have to continue research that will help to define its nature. The source may be distant quasar or located relatively close star system with a neutron star or a black hole.