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AMD will begin to accelerate ray tracing in hardware behind video game consoles

3DNews: Novosti Hardware 11.09.2019 at 15:48

3DNews: Novosti Hardware

At a technology conference Deutsche Bank interests AMD has made financial Director Devinder Kumar (Devinder Kumar), and most of the questions he tried to answer honestly, although some technical details and would prefer to present the mouth of his colleagues that the event was absent. When talking about the importance of the hardware ray tracing for the gaming industry, the financial Director of AMD referred to the position of the head of the company Lisa su (Lisa Su), which considers the function of one of the defining competition in the segment. However, he also mentioned that to implement hardware acceleration of ray tracing in its products, AMD thinks it's necessary later, and the moment has not yet come. In the course of communication with the financial Director of AMD's topics ray tracing and game consoles are closely intertwined. For example, he expressed confidence that revenue from sales of customized products for AMD will return to growth in the second half of next year, and Microsoft to the point bring to the market their gaming console of the new generation. Regarding the intentions to do the same from Sony Devinder Kumar diplomatically silent, citing a lack of applications most Sony for this reason. But he did not deny that the PlayStation new generation of implements hardware support for ray tracing forces "custom" components AMD.