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We continue to set Yandex.Lyceum

Blog Yandex 05.09.2019 at 10:15

Blog Yandex

The school year has Begun, and so Yandex.The Lyceum is gaining new students. We invite you to a free students classes 8th and 9th grades who want to learn to program in Python. No special knowledge is required — just the interest in mathematics and information technology.

What can graduates Yandex.Lyceum?

Boys who have completed Yandex.Lyceum — about their projects

In the two years the students learn Python from zero to a level sufficient for starting a career programmer. But in high school it makes sense to enter not only those who want to become a developer. Now the ability to program popular in any field, from medicine to archaeology, and in the near future it will become part of basic literacy as the ability to read or write.

This fall, Yandex.Lyceum will work on 306 sites in 131 cities of Russia and Kazakhstan. We can learn not only the residents but also students from the regions. For example, this year Yandex.The Lyceum opened in villages and towns in Lipetsk region, beyond the Polar circle in Naryan-Mar, in the southern Urals in Miass and Kyshtym, in the cities of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district.

Now Yandex.Lyceum works in 131 cities of Russia and Kazakhstan — during the year the project has grown more than twice. In red on the map marked with the localities where Yandex.School was opened this year for the first time, the blue — where he worked before

Classes at the Lyceum begin after 15:00 so that they can be easily combined with studies in school. Lyceum works at the sites of the partners are children's parks, colleges, universities, schools. Eighteen Russian cities branch of the Lyceum to act on the basis of children's educational centers, IT-cube.

Who take in Yandex.The Lyceum?

Says a senior methodologist of the project Alexander Povolotsky

the Program Yandex.Lyceum was developed at the School of data analysis and is designed for two years. In the first year of training the students get acquainted with the Python language. Second — learn the basics of industrial programming. The guys discuss how to develop and test applications, how to work with third-party API, how to design a user interface, how to organize work in team and much more. Classes are conducted by teachers who received training in Yandex.

the Application for admission to the Lyceum is open until 11 September. For this you need to fill in a form on the website and pass an online test — it tests the ability to think logically. Those who will successfully cope with the test, we will invite for an interview. Classes in Yandex.The Lyceum will start in early October.

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