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Championship on programming

Blog Yandex 09.09.2019 at 09:00

Blog Yandex

We have opened registration for this year's second championship in programming. In the first championship, which Yandex held in late spring, competed more than nine thousand people. If you were among the participants and you are not lucky, you can try your hand again — maybe now everything will be better.

In the qualifying round can compete in several disciplines — for example, in machine learning and mobile development. The final will have to choose one or the other.

the championship will be held in four disciplines. This is machine learning, frontend, backend and mobile development. The peculiarity of the competition is that it's all in the life. Tasks that offer participants, are very similar to those who each day decide the programmers of Yandex. In fact, they invented: the authors of the task work in teams of Search of Zen, Taxis, and mobile advertising.

the ceremony of awarding the participants of the previous championship

to Participate in the championship from any comfortable place it will take place online on the platform Yandex.Contest. Competition in two rounds: the first qualifying, will go from 14 to 20 October and the second, the final, scheduled for October 26. Points are calculated simply: the more tasks you solve and the less time it will spend, the better your chances of winning.

the Total prize Fund of the championship is 2.2 million rubles. In each discipline, we define three winners. The first place prize will be 300 thousand, the second — 150 thousand, and for the third — 100 thousand roubles. All awardees will receive in Yandex.Station. The participants who have won in each discipline places from the first to the twentieth, will receive t-shirts with symbols of the championship certificate with their score and an invitation to tour the Moscow office of Yandex, which will host the award ceremony. The road to Moscow and back — at our expense.

the ceremony of awarding the participants of the previous championship

the championship is a great opportunity to learn what the other developers in Yandex and to try themselves in solving real problems. Is the shortest path in Yandex: our teams are closely monitoring the progress of the competition and invited to meet the participants who showed good results.

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