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Mid-term review of exchange rates on 6.09.2019

Portal Forex trader 05.09.2019 at 20:36

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Hello. Below are a few recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 6.09.2019


On the EURUSD price formed a pattern Pin-bar a little before reaching the line of 1.1100 level. Probably will resume falling further in the down trend. Consider then the sales order 1,08500 and below.


On USDCHF rebounded from the level of 0.9800 levels and formed a pattern of Rails. Should probably wait for the continuation of growth rates and try to develop an upward trend. Look here to purchase.

the Fundamental news of the ATP Shanghai Composite + 0.96 percent, the Shenzhen Composite + 0,93%, the Hang Seng Index — a 0.02% Nikkei + 2,12% KOSPI + 0,82% S&P/ASX 200 + 0,92%

Asian markets rose on Wednesday on solid information about the agreement between China and the United States, to hold the 13th round of trade negotiations in October. Next week representatives from the White House and China will begin preparations for this meeting.

Today in the morning the news publication on household expenditure Japan is the only economic indicator in the Asian session.

USA NASDAQ of 1.75%, Dow Jones + 1,41% S&P500; + of 1.30%

American investors on Thursday continued buying in the stock market, the reason for this is background – the growth of productivity and wages, and factory orders.

Among the negative news is released, the number of jobless claims above forecasts and the decline in PMI by Markit.

the Us session is full of important economic indicators are:

15-30 Indicators of employment: NFP , unemployment rate, average hourly earnings in the U.S. 15-30 – the unemployment rate and the employment change in Canada 17-00 – 19-30 PMI Canada – speech of the head of the fed, the Eurozone CAC40 + of 1.11%, the FTSE is 0.55%, DAX + 0,87 %

European markets rise for a second day, a reason to buy the stock on Thursday was the speech by Christine Lagarde to the deputies of the European Parliament.

the Main IMF is leaving the post to replace Mario Draghi in October, leading the ECB. Christine Lagarde promised to actively work on "smart" measures to support the banking system.

the Prime Minister Boris Johnson in front of the police Department of London

U.K. at the opening bell Thursday – the Prime Minister Boris Johnson lost the right hard Breccia.

the Parliament banned out without a deal, and obliged him to demand from the EU in this case, the new delay. The only way out early elections, a possibility which Johnson praised very highly, speaking to police in London.

in the Morning and afternoon released statistics by country:

9: 00 am – industrial production Germany 10-30 – the Index of housing prices 12-00 – Eurozone GDP Gold

the Fall of the precious metal in one session, was the strongest in 2.5 years, after the discovery in the vaults of the JP Morgan bullion with fake Swiss stamp.

Switzerland is one of the world's leading processors and suppliers of gold to the vaults of institutional clients. A number of companies used the reputation of the country "to push the grey bars".

the Journalists Reuter noted that thus could be washed thousands of tons of precious metals from Venezuela, Iran and other countries, limited sanctions. The audit of Swiss banks have already discovered 665 kg of fakes.

this is just about the counterfeiting of gospechati, gold alloy coincides with the stated standards.

regards, Artem aka TeaDrinker

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