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Trading forecasts and ideas on 9.09.2019

Portal Forex trader 08.09.2019 at 11:31

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Hello. Below view on a few interesting points to trade in the Forex market on 9.09.2019


On GBPUSD when the price breaks the trend line, then formed a pattern of Internal bar a little before reaching the level 1,2400. Probably going to finally deploy the trend is up. And after a small downward correction to the trend, will try to continue growth. Double bottom that formed earlier, is also a good signal for a possible reversal. Look here to purchase.


On GBPJPY the situation is similar and the pattern inside bar, after the release of sideways and break the trend line. I think we should wait for a correction down to the level of 130,086. Then we will try to develop uptrend.


Bitcoin continues to move in the triangle and formed a Doji at the upper border. It seems do not hurry up and go down again to 9290,00. In General, expect here the continuation of the growth further on the trend. New deals in the purchase will look after the borders of the triangle.

the Fundamental news Asia Pacific Nikkei + 0.54% of KOSPI + 0.22 PERCENT, the S&P/ASX 200 + 0,52%, Shanghai Composite + 0.46 percent, the Shenzhen Composite + 0.36% and the Hang Seng Index is 0.7%

Asian investors ended the day on the positive in expectation:

Meeting of China-United States at the highest level to continue trade talks of the Decline of protests in Hong Kong, after completing the demands of the demonstrators changes in the government of Japan.

experts expect that the Prime Minister ShIZO Abe will make a reshuffle of Ministers in the Cabinet to replace the foreign Minister, to take a course on reconciliation with South Korea. The country was so divided in their assessment of the events of the Second World war, which imposed trade sanctions and cease military cooperation.

the Morning started with a negative data showed on Sunday, the fall of exports in China, although analysts had expected growth, but the decline in import volumes in China were better than expected.

on the first day of the week, statistics released by Japan's GDP and housing loans in Australia.

the US S&P500; + 0, 09% NASDAQ is 0.17%, Dow Jones + 0.26 percent

American investors at Friday's auction took a break because of mixed economic news. The main event of the day – the speech of the fed Chairman, was perceived as a negative signal. Powell made clear that he does not expect a recession and will leave in September current bet level.

Among the positive factors – increase wages by 3.2% and maintaining a low unemployment rate, but "Wake-up call" came with the release of data on new jobs, increase was on 30 thousand less than the forecast of analysts.

the Evening session will pass without news.

the Eurozone DAX + 0.5% and the CAC40 +, or 0.19%, FTSE +0.15% of

the Stock indices at the stock markets of Europe rose on the GDP data, which added in the annual value higher than analysts ' forecasts. The rise of the index in August did not go beyond the preliminary assessment, but reduced the probability of the scenario of a recession in Germany, which is reflected in the DAX, which showed the biggest gain for the Friday session.

the vote in the House of Lords by law, the deferred Brakcet

Another positive news was the adoption by the House of Lords prohibiting the carrying hard Brakcet. The Prime Minister is obliged to negotiate with Europe or to request an additional postponement until January of the following year. The decision to exit without a deal is possible now only on the initiative of deputies.

in the Morning and afternoon released statistics by country:

Switzerland: unemployment rate – 8-45 Germany: trade balance – 9: 00 am UK: GDP, industrial production, trade balance – 11-30

regards, Artem aka TeaDrinker

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