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Troubadours: top 10 movies about Gypsies

Article 10.09.2019 at 08:53

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Hard luck

Work in Soviet painting was the first main role of the great actor Mikhail Kozakov. He played a young Gypsy Kohl mountainous, reaching from camp to the Russian village. Here Kolya becoming a member of the Komsomol and come to grips with the enemies of Soviet power. Ahead of him – the happy fate of a good man.

My friend Roma

the French original Comedy shows one of the main themes of the movie about the Gypsies – their distance with the other world. Here the Gypsies from the camp switches places with the son of a wealthy Parisian publisher. Major Theo becomes like a Gypsy, and Gypsies Bruno poured into a respectable family. In the role of publisher of the legendary French comedian Louis de Funes.

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Mexican melodrama, filmed in 1971, saw more than 90 million Soviet viewers. The love story of a young Gypsy girl and an officer captured the hearts. Osvaldo is ready for everything just to be with his beloved. To do this, he intends to take all the Gypsy customs and to abandon the familiar world. But that's not all the sacrifices that lovers have to go.

the camp leaves in the sky

Moldovan Director Emil Loteanu filmed early stories by Maxim Gorky. But he turned out to be a separate story, worthy of its audience. Love on the brink of death and complete renunciation leads the two lovers of the Gypsies Rada and Loiko to the sad finale. What to do, is Roma pride, which is more expensive than life.

king of the Gypsies

the Film was given a start in a big American movie actor Eric Roberts. The action takes place among American Gypsies. For power in your tribe, Dave must confront his own father. The film also starred Susan Sarandon and Brooke shields. In 1979 the film received a Hollywood award "Golden globe".


the History of Budulai filmed more than once. First, in 1967 based on the novel by Anatoly Kalinin made a film Yevgeny Matveyev. He played the main character, and pair them with starred Lyudmila hityaeva. In 1993, the same subject went to Aleksandr Fenko. In the film "Budulai, whom no waiting" was played by Georgian actor Otar megvinetukhutsesi and Irina Kupchenko. But the absolute favorites of the public began Mihai Volontir and Clara Luchko. The film was made in 1979, Alexander Blank.

time of the Gypsies

Yugoslav Director with a world name Emir Kusturica in his work time and again drawn to the subject of Roma life. The first such film was the picture, taken in 1988. In addition, the "time of the Gypsies" is the first picture, taken in the Romany language. The film was awarded for best Director Cannes jury. A lot of testing falls on a young Gypsy Pergana – he has to steal, cheat and sell to small children. Although he could help people – from the grandmother he received the gift of magic. The betrayal of his fate doesn't forgive.

Black cat, white cat

ten years after "Time of the Gypsies" Kusturica Gypsy again takes up the story. Turned out to be charming and touching Comedy. Critics applauded the film a standing ovation, and the audience loved forever. The Venetian festival Kusturica was awarded the "Silver lion" for direction. Theft, lies, strange wedding, escape and other passions of the story infused with the infinite love directed to the Gypsy people.

Gypsy girl with a yield

Gypsy Ligita – a real dance talent. But she is bound by debt of the father with the Gypsy Baron. Ligita is trying very hard to repay the debt, but relatives do not leave her alone. And the girl foolishly falls in love with a choreographer. This she will not allow. The main role of the project co-starred Laura Keosayan. Beloved Ligita Ivan Galvin played by Sergey Gorobchenko.


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