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7 celebrities with Gypsy roots

Article 12.09.2019 at 10:39

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Sofia Kovalevskaya

old famous woman mathematician had many relatives of different nationalities. Kovalevskaya is most impressed. But occupies a special place in her biography the version that the girl's great-grandmother was a Gypsy. Despite the fact that her vocation was one of the most exact Sciences in the world, with its success attributed many mysterious things.

the Mother of Sophia, who was pregnant, saw a dream in which she was the great-grandfather of the girl and predicted she will continue his / her academic business. They say that the most important saw in a dream his ancestor, hinting she needs to solve problems. Sofya Vasilevna has said that from great-grandmother inherited a passion for vagrancy.

Charlie Chaplin

the Legend of silent cinema, one of the first masters of cinema, according to the official version he was born in London, into a family of actors of music hall. During a period of tremendous popularity of Charles Chaplin's time there were many who tried to use his fame. The artist sent letters with false stories of his life that he was not taken seriously. However, one of them he retained.

the Sender introduced himself as the Chaplin cousin Jack hill, said that Charlie was born in a Gypsy tent in the Park black patch near Birmingham. This place really lived a Gypsy camp. Later Roma were expelled from there. King Tabor a call From Smith, and the grandmother of the actor's paternal wore the same name. And although the version remains the only version, apparently, Charlie Chaplin respectful to this history.

Elvis Presley

For the same reason, researchers referred to the Roma and the legendary American singer. His mother's maiden name was called not differently, as Gladys Smith.

the Surname Smith was popular with Gypsies in Britain. My father also found the Gypsy, but of those who came to the States from Germany.

the Gipsy Kings

the Participants of the legendary band, their roots and not hide it. Their name means kings of the Gypsies. The father of the brothers Reyes of the Gipsy dynasty, began to dance the flamenco, and later, together with his sons he founded and your team.

From the beginning, they played the music of Spanish Gypsies-Kale, and the lyrics of many songs written in the Romany dialect of the Spanish language. Many of the staff associated with something Latin American, however they are just Gypsies.

Joaquin Cortes

Another star of flamenco Joaquin Cortes is officially the Ambassador of Roma in the European Union. Joaquin is also head of the Roma Foundation in Spain.

Cortez has kinship with the same dynasty Reyes, and the ancestors of his mother – a native of Russia. Already in 15 years he danced in the National ballet of Spain, and now he is known throughout the world.

Juscelino Kubitschek

One of the people from the Roma became President of Brazil. Juscelino's mother had Gypsy and Bohemian roots. It is believed that he was the only President of Roma.

it was he who built the state capital city of Brasilia. It is named after the international airport in this city.

Victoria Poltorak

Actress who played many roles in TV series and movies, now acted in the role of beauty is welcome in the Gypsy.

According to Victoria, Gypsy impossible to play, it needs to be. In this case, all coincided – the artist also has Gypsy roots, which does not cause problems, if you appreciate her bright appearance and bright character. See Victoria at Domashnem from 16 September.