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Fight the cat won the dog professional reception: video

World news - VSESMI.RU 13.09.2019 at 20:27

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Resident of the city of Thai Nguyen, located in the North-East of Vietnam, shot a funny video which captures their Pets: cat and puppy. Video published on You Tube called emotion in users and collected more than a dozen likes. The footage can be see as a kid sitting on the floor and enthusiastically paw scratching his belly. At this point it jumps to the cat and carries out professional wrestling grip. Cat puts puppy on his back and only after he raised all four paws, let him go. Baby some time lying prostrate on the "wrestling ring". Previously, the Network got the video, which has collected more than 300 thousand likes. Good-natured Retriever to separate the two cats, ready to pounce on each other. They slowly approached each other, preparing for a serious fight. But the dog gently pulled one of the cat, thus not allowing the break a battle.