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The authorities of the Russian Federation and the Czech Republic regulated flights

World news - VSESMI.RU 14.09.2019 at 06:27

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Aviation authorities of the Russian Federation and the Czech Republic during the consultations on Friday agreed to lift restrictions on flights between the countries, said the representative of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation to journalists. In addition, during the consultations, "achieve full liberalization of frequency control between the "Zhukovsky" and Prague". Also secured agreement on the line from Prague to Seoul, said the representative of the Agency with reference to Director of Department of state policy in the field of civil aviation Svetlana Petrov.As reported, on 2 July the Russian airline "Aeroflot", "Victory" and "Ural airlines" has cancelled flights to Czech Republic, because the aviation authorities of this country has revoked the permission to fly. The cause of the conflict was the dissatisfaction of Prague in terms of the TRANS-Siberian routes, agreed upon by Moscow to Czech Airlines. By the evening of the same day, Russia and the Czech Republic have agreed to resume flights, but only until 7 July.Then the aviation authorities of the two countries agreed to maintain flights between the countries at current levels at least until the end of the summer. The parties intend to resume negotiations by the end of summer to discuss the structure of future cooperation for the future. The decision was made to avoid "reducing passenger comfort" in the high summer season.Zhukovskiy airport opened in 2016. Serves flights of several airlines, including Russian "Ural airlines" and "Siberia", the Belarusian "Belavia". Russian aviation authorities believe Zhukovsky, despite its close location to Moscow regional airport, which frees it from restrictions on the number appointed from each state carriers and flights. But previously this did not agree the aviation authorities of Tajikistan, Georgia, Israel and Italy.