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Currency it is best to change on the exchange? Not always themes of the day 08.09.2019 at 21:09

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Decided to regularly buy the currency? Perhaps it's time to make a brokerage account. To understand, is it profitable to use the exchange as the exchange, Banks.Roo studied the rates of leading brokers and banks.

the Majority of Russians buying dollars and euros in banks. But regardless of whether you use the services of the exchange or convert foreign currency through Internet banking, have to pay for it. The course is at the discretion of the Bank, and it will always be significantly higher than on the stock exchange. Especially in times when the currency market becomes turbulent and the ruble starts to wane. In these moments, as banks raised spreads — the difference between the sale price and purchase, thereby increasing the profitability of conversion operations for a client. On the exchange the spread also increases, but usually calculated in cents.

the Logical way out is to buy the currency directly on the exchange, that is at the market rate and not at the Bank exchange rate. It looks much more attractive both from the point of view of prices, and from the point of view of safety. Counterfeit bill you just do not placed money on output is not taken away. Plus the desire and patience you can always wait for the "best price". As in the case with the Bank conversion, the owner of a brokerage account can be used to buy dollars and euros on the stock exchange mobile application (if you do not plan to trade actively, set terminal not required).

However, the services of brokerage companies and banks to purchase foreign currency on the exchange are not free. As a minimum you will have to pay a Commission for the transaction — depending on the rate and the broker. For example, the savings Bank it is quite high — 0.2% of the transaction amount, and VTB — only 0.05%. But all is not so simple. In addition to the brokerage fee, the client can occur and other expenses. To assess the real costs that can occur when you exchange foreign currency at the exchange decided to study the rates of ten of the leading brokerage companies and banks.

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it is Clear that depending on the amount and frequency of transactions the investor can come entirely different rates. Usually, brokers tend to segment sentences: for active traders are offered a lower Commission per trade, but the tariff could be "sewn up" fees for account maintenance or other additional services.

to separate the speculators from those who plan to regularly buy the currency on the exchange for long-term investments, estimated rates brokers that are suitable for transactions of no more than 10 thousand dollars a month.

the Commission for such investors may be higher, but overall costs when purchasing foreign currency on the exchange in small amounts (one lot is 1 000. E.) below. However, some brokers are ready to meet such "retail" buyers, providing the ability to buy any amount. For example, in Tinkoff Bank the owner of a brokerage account can buy even 1 dollar. As explained in the Bank, fractional lots, the broker sells using its own open position "at the best price in the market."

the Majority of brokerage companies and banks included in the following rates of Commission:

the Commission of the broker for the transaction;

the service charge account (typically charged when there is at least one transaction during the reporting month);

the Commission for withdrawal of funds to another Bank (at the conclusion of rubles, and in withdrawals on account of an affiliate of the Bank, the Commission is usually not charged).

on the Basis of these criteria the has compiled a list of the most profitable for purchase/sale of foreign currency on the Moscow stock exchange of offers brokers and banks*.


the Commission of the broker, %

maintenance Fee account (account operations)

the Fee for withdrawal of funds to another Bank (minimum)

Additional fees and conditions






n. d.

Tinkoff Bank



290 rubles

$ 15

broker Commission of 0.025% after as the turnover will reach 200 thousand rubles


"My online"



0,2% (fee does not apply if the transfer is to another Bank is made more than 15 days after the transaction)

The exchange of currency for the sum over 300 thousand roubles in a month surcharge of up to 0.2%



10 cents per unit of currency*


$ 15

* depending on the turnover, the broker may charge a fee for 1 unit of currency

"foreign Exchange-start Internet Bank"



$ 15

the Minimum Commission per trade — 35.4 rubles


"Test Drive" currency (valid for 30 days after opening)



$ 20

Exchange Commission — 50 rubles in transactions of less than 50 lots

"Single optimum"

0,03386 (minimum Commission 41,3 roubles per transaction)


$ 20

Exchange Commission — 50 rubles in transactions of less than 50 lots

the "OTKRITIE Broker"




0,15% (from $ 25)

295 rubles with assets of less than 50 thousand rubles. The exchange of less than 50 lots will be charged an additional fee, a maximum of 65 rubles

alpha Bank





Additional compensation of 25 rubles for the purchase of at least 50 lots





1 750 rubles

Additional compensation of 25 rubles for the purchase of at least 50 lots





300 rubles

Exchange Commission when you purchase up to 50 lots — 25 rubles

the following entities



750 rubles

2 100

Fee for account maintenance is not charged, if the average value of assets of more than 100 000

IFC "solid"


0,024 (minimum 75 rubles)

to 0.07%

the Commission of the correspondent Bank and 0.12%, min $ 40

Source: brokerage firms and banks, banking

* the list does not included the company "freedom Finance", because, according to her representative, the service is only available to VIP clients

table allows you to compare the rates of different brokers, providing access to the currency section of the Moscow exchange. However, the question arises: is it always more profitable than the exchange transaction at the Bank? To compare the rates, the took advantage of mobile apps for the two banks: Sberbank and Alfa-Bank. All the data for Friday, September 6, 15:25 GMT. At this point, the dollar on the Moscow exchange was worth 65,87 of the ruble.

Purchase of $ 1,000 in the savings Bank at the rate of 66,92 rubles per dollar would cost 66 920 rubles (over $ 5,000 we would have paid 334,6 thousand rubles), but Alfa-Bank offered to buy the currency at 66,44 rubles per dollar, had to pay 66 of 440 rubles for the purchase of 1,000 dollars (over the $ 5,000 expenditure would be $ 332,2 thousand rubles).

And how much would expect to pay when buying the same amount of U.S. currency brokers? For example, take a few tariffs, which, according to the representatives of brokerage companies and banks, may be most beneficial for the client, buying foreign currency on the stock exchange in small lots. For example, in Tinkoff Bank the total cost for a customer who chose the tariff "Trader" when you purchase 1 000 dollars would have amounted to 66,2 thousand rubles, i.e. slightly lower than when converting in the selected banks. But given the $ 15 Commission, which will take the owner's brokerage account if you transfer to the card/account of another Bank, the purchase will cost even more with 67.2 thousand rubles.

But buying $ 5,000 will be more profitable. In total the investor is benefiting from the tariff "Trader" will pay to the broker 329,72 thousand rubles (while translating in other Bank expenses will be 330,7 thousand rubles). Rule: the higher the amount, the more beneficial it can be the purchase of a currency on the exchange. Therefore, according to investment strategist "BKS the Prime Minister" Alexander Bakhtin, in a situation when you need to buy a small amount of currency easier and cheaper to use the mobile Bank and the usual conversion.

you Should pay attention to all the conditions, which are set out in the tariff of the broker. For example, to save on the service charge account, some brokers will have to maintain minimum balance. In particular, the "Opening Broker" maintenance costs account for a number of rates is 295 rubles a month, but if total client assets exceed 50 thousand rubles, this condition is canceled. We should not forget that most plans brokers suggest the client not only monetary, but also other segments of the stock market. Therefore, resembles the head of marketing Analytics "Opening Broker" Denis Kamynin, opening a brokerage account, it makes sense to think about other stock market instruments.