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Mullet fried

Cooking recipes for the whole family 09.09.2019 at 15:55

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Remember, sang mark Bernes on the barges full of a mullet? And so I wanted to enjoy then this unknown, the black sea mullet fish! And here we are in the resort town of Anapa, of course, smaller of Odessa, but this cozy and convenient, where the mullet is found in a certain time and the local fishermen catch and they catch her big number, otherwise the fish will move further, to the Turkish shores and will not be back next year!

That we purchased fish at the local rynecki. Inspired by the imminent preparation of this wonderful food, rushed into his yard, remove us for a short time little “mangalica” and began to clean and fry the mullet!

Cooking fried mullet: mullet First, we cleaned, gutted, heads removed, cut off the fins and tails and washed well under running water Then rubbed each carcass inside and outside with salt and a mixture of white and black pepper Mullet – the fish chubby, plump, so into the pan of vegetable oil do not pour a lot. Put the pan on the fire and cooked the fish Can be cut into pieces, and can be laid in rows on a large frying pan. Most importantly, don't overcook it, not to dry and roast as much time to form a Golden crust. A few minutes on one side and the same on the other

Here is a feast of fried mullet happened in our yard! Hurry up and mistress – boiled fresh potatoes for our fish!

Bon appetit!

Usually fish for frying, rolled in flour. But it is possible and without it to a ruddy crisp crust! Well, if you drink an appropriate wine is a miracle of cooking, if not be very appetizing!

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