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How to start playing

Holidays and gifts 18.09.2019 at 19:24

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Good day dear site Reading your comments I began to notice that not every beginner is impossible to enter the game and create a character, so I decided to write a mini-guide on how free to start playing on a pirate server, World Of Warcraft, for example, flooded the client to our website for WOW 4.3.4.

so, first we'll need any torrent tracker. Personally, I use the program uTorrent, and therefore will describe all the steps of downloading it.Set the tracker if you have it will not start:

Download the game client follow the link of interest to you version of the game, scroll down and click the link to Download World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm [4.3.4] torrent

2. Open in browser download and click on downloaded torrent file

3. In the opened window choose the path where will be saved game folder and click OK

All after all the steps still haven't downloaded the game client for World Of Warcraft

server Selection

After the download of the game, we need to choose a server, go to any search server, wow 4.3.4. On the Internet there are also many free (pirate) servers but here we important parameters such as online players, it is desirable that he was from 1000 and above and server rates (x1, x5, x100 and so on. the lower the rate the less you will get experience for completing quests and killing monsters, which is more interesting). Personally, I recommend to choose a rate of x1.

registering a server

let's Say you chose the server, I personally will show you on the example server how to start playing, as it is one of the largest free servers in the Runet.

click on the link above to the website and click on the registration button

2. Choose the game world, in our case it logon3

3. Here's why the developers of the site has made another form with the ability to log in to an existing account, but it is unnecessary, therefore, again click in the window that appears, click Check

4. Finally we got to the registration form where we need to fill the Username, Password and E-mail address

Attention. Only fill in the real data, because the Username and password in the subsequent we will need to enter the game, and the e-mail we come to the key account activation and perhaps in the future we will need it for account recovery in case of loss of password

4. After filling in all the data, don't forget to tick the I am not a robot and click on the Register button, a window appears that says "congratulations you've registered, check your email for activation on the specified mailbox".

5. Go to your e-mail and check the mail, open the email and click on the link which will lead us again to the website is says "account successfully activated".

PS I for some reason the email went to the spam folder, so if you didn't find it in my mail, check it out

Preparation of the client World of Warcraft the game

so, we downloaded the client, registered on the server, all that's left is to prepare the client, namely to prescribe and if you want to install additional launcher, depending on the server.

At each server site may contain information on how to connect or how to start, and in our case, go back to the site wowcircle.and click on the button to start playing, and then choose the necessary item, in our case 2.1) If you want to play on client version 4.3.4, read the special , and click on the link next to

2. Open the form "Information on connecting to servers, version Cataclysm 4.3.4" and see what actions we have to do to connect

3. So as a customer we already have, select the item "If you have another client 4.3.4" doing all the suggested manipulation of the client, but if you downloaded the client from our website and was going to play on my proposed server, all you need to do 1 point, namely to prescribe

Go to the folder root /game/Data/ruRu open the file with Notepad and replace its contents with the proposed, in our case it is set realmlist and save

Login and character creation

In the end, after downloading the client, select server and client configuration all that remains for us is to run the game client. To do that go to game folder and run the file WOW.exe or as in our case, the game launcher WoWCircle.exe

and then starts the game and all we have to do is enter the username and password you specified during registration and to create a character.

thank you very much for your attention, I hope you will help article if you need help leave comments on the website, enjoyable game.


in order that you could start playing SA-MP on the network, via the Internet, to our server or any other server, you'll need:

If you have already installed GTA San Andreas and you know how to use SA-MP client, simply add our server to his client and start playing.

the Address of our SA-MP server: samp-s1.rsrl.EN:7777

Either then you can study the manual, which describes in detail how to play GTA San Andreas on the network.

To play GTA San Andreas on the network (online), it is recommended to use a clean, original version of the game with no mods installed. If your computer already have installed the game GTA San Andreas, but you don't know what to do next — then you can move on to item number 2.

otherwise, you need to install game GTA San Andreas version 1.0 on your computer. You can do this from your installation CD disc or download the game online. Once the game is installed you can proceed to the next step — installing the necessary additions for online play.

in order that you could play GTA San Andreas on the network, you must install a special modification of the latest version client SA-MP.

You can always download the latest and the latest version of SA-MP client from our website at the following link (DOWNLOAD SA-MP) or on a regular page load modifications in the menu section of the website FILES.

*** Important: Please note SA-MP client, you must install it in the folder with your game GTA San Andreas. Otherwise the multiplayer will not work.

After you have downloaded the installer SA-MP client run it and follow the instructions of the installer.

Run client and add server.

After successful installation of the game GTA San Andreas and SA-MP client you have on your desktop and(or) in "START menu" you should see the shortcut to run SA-MP client. Not to be confused with a shortcut to the usual single game.

Run this shortcut, then you should receive the GUI SA-MP client:

Now we need to prepare the client to run a network game. The first thing you have to enter your nickname by which in the future will play on the server. (in the screenshot marked with 1).

Then add our server to the client in the list of favorite servers for convenience. To do this, click "add" (Add. In the screenshot marked with figure 3.). You will see the window add server, where you have to enter the address of our server (samp-s1.rsrl.EN:7777) as shown in the screenshot below.

After you entered the server address click OK, the server should appear in the client list and to correctly determine. Sample output should be as shown in the screenshot below:

If you see a similar picture — most likely you did everything right. To connect to the server — we do a double click with the left mouse on the server in the list or select a server from the list and press the button run game in the top left corner a green button with the play icon.

this will start the download of network games. If you did everything correctly, then after loading you will see the welcome window of the server.

If the download did not go or boot normal mode — this means that most likely you did something wrong. Read the instructions again and try again. Or ask for tips on our forum or Facebook group.

Consider the example of logging on to the server on the nick Stiven_Krown.

so, enter the server as described in the previous paragraph. Waiting for a full load, you get the following window — the welcome window of the server:

note, in the picture with numbers 1 and 2 marked in the message what nick you choose the free on the server and you can proceed to login with this nickname.

If instead of reporting that nick free the server will return a message stating that your chosen nick is already taken and offer to join your existing account with your password — it will mean that unfortunately you won't be able to use your chosen nickname, because a nickname is already taken by another player. In this case you need to leave the server and come up with another nickname, putting it in the client SA-MP. Do not try to guess the password, or after 3 attempts, the server will block (ban) you on the day.

If all the same your chosen nick-free and you see the same window as in the example in the screenshot, then you have to invent a password and type it in the box marked number 3 on the screenshot and complete the registration by clicking "Register"button.

*** Important: make a note of the password you established when you register, you'll need in the future each time you log on to the server.

If registration is successful, You will then see a window informing you that your account is registered and you will be prompted to enter your password that you specified during registration to log into the server under the registered account. Once you joined the server under your new account — follow the prompts in the Windows. You will need to choose a city to stay on the server, specify your gender and age.

If you liked this article or helped to deal with the issues that cause you to have difficulties please share it on your social networks with friends and acquaintances, may this article will help and other users of the Internet.


Two of the most frequently asked questions on the game Minecraft, it is how to register in the game and how to start.

the Willing is becoming more and more, although the game is not the first year exists, and I must admit quite successfully there. For those who are not able to understand these issues will be further detailed, step by step painted action which will solve the problem. To get started shall analyze the registration site, you first need to buy a license minecraft for 5 rubles. The first problem faced by the future players, it is a denial of the action in the chat window, in order to commit fully, all actions required to register on the server.

in order to register and the registration is successful, the chat window should be stamped the same team, it looks like this:

Then press Enter. That's all the check is passed successfully. But I hasten to disappoint, such manipulation should be done each time when getting to the server. Explain the password need to come up with a new one, which will entry into the world of Minecraft.

Now, every time you step on the same server, pass the registration stage will not have to, and you follow just to make an entry by entering the following command:

Password word do not need to register, you must enter a combination of numbers or letters, which were invented by You. We congratulate You, the check should pass without problems, and if so-go to learn more.

You went under your login to the site. Next, the most common question, but what is there to play? Answer!

On the links at the top, it should download the launcher. Further to run. If the launch does not occur, then most likely Your computer is not installed Java 8. It should download automatically if the download window does not open, you should go to the official website and install the latest version.

After you open the launcher, our eyes caught a window where you have two zones:

on the Left the list of servers; to the Right zone to start the game.

you Need to click on the field "No of accounts" and select "Configure accounts...". In the pop-up window should be set to a plus sign or check mark and opens access to writing nickname in a special field. Further, it is necessary to save the account, click on this button and then you can go to play and to surf the world of Minecraft. To do this, click on the button of house and go to initial stage.

to play a single game, you need to choose appropriate version and click on the install button. Then just wait for auto download. Next, start the game and enjoy the world of Minecraft.

a user interface is laid out in detail, in order to quickly choose the appropriate server, and one click to enter it prepared the panel with a list of servers. Big blue button next to the chosen server is the passage to him. To log on to the server to the latest versions to do nothing, it will happen automatically, will only have to register. But if the version is outdated, you may have to choose a Multiplayer game and only after the selected server is updated, to select click on it a couple of times.

it remains only to wish a pleasant game and great achievements in the world of Minecraft and, of course, a diamond sword to boot!