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In the centre of Moscow unknown persons have pulled out from the businessman of 1 million rubles from his pocket

Full tape of POLIT.RU 20.09.2019 at 07:55

Full tape POLIT.RU

Unknown pulled the man from the pants pocket of 1 million rubles in Central Moscow, the Agency reports city news "Moscow".

the Evening of 19 September, the police asked the businessman and the theft of the money. "The investigators found that Parking on the street Krasnoprudnaya two unknown secretly stole from his pocket the victim is wearing pants 1 million rubles and disappeared", — reported in the capital cupola MIA.

Police opened a criminal case under article about the theft committed by organized group in especially large size (item 158 of part 4).

In December last year, Moscow pensioner said the theft from his apartment five watches in the amount of 8.5 million rubles. No sign of forced entry was. Investigators opened a criminal case of theft in especially large size.