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Arrested a hacker accused of forced break-ins ex-employee "virus", convicted of treason

Full tape of POLIT.RU 20.09.2019 at 10:59

Full tape POLIT.RU

Fifth year who is in jail the hacker Dmitry Popelish, which together with his brother Eugene is accused of stealing more than 12 million rubles from Bank customers, said the hacking had forced him to former employee, "Kaspersky Lab", according to RBC.

Popelish said during the court session on 5 September that the evidence in his case was fabricated, and the hack he was forced former major in the interior Ministry and former head of Department of investigation of computer incidents "Kaspersky Lab" Ruslan Stoyanov, who in the beginning of the year was sentenced to 14 years in prison on charges of treason, with the participation of the FSB. He also participated in the technical examination of the first prosecution against the brothers of Popelya.

the First time Dmitri and Evgeny Popodyssey together with accomplices arrested in 2011 on suspicion of hacking attacks, which affected more than 170 clients of large Russian banks. Then Bank accounts, they took about 13 million rubles. The brothers pleaded guilty in September 2012, the court sentenced them to six years of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period five years.

In 2015, Popelya re-arrested and accused of creating malicious programs, illegal access to information and fraud.

a few months after the arrest of Dmitry Popelish wrote a confession in which he told that officer, "Kaspersky Lab", which participated in the investigation of his first criminal case, several months had forced him to hack the Bank accounts of customers. The appearance of Dmitry did not name the employee of the Laboratory. According to him, the investigation to verify these data is not the beginning.

"In the ensuing dialogue, he reminded me that I was convicted of fraudulent acts against the Bank VTB24 and that was to Sberbank, which were not included in the case, but he will "let them move" if I go to the police or will not cooperate with him," said Papelis.

According to the hacker, he didn't know who it was all this time. When Popelish still detained in 2015, he was approached by the expert of "Kaspersky Lab", which he remembered in his first criminal case, and threatened to Popelish took all the blame. He also promised that he would get him.

In 2018, the brothers were sentenced to eight years in prison for bringing more than 12.5 million rubles. It was one of the harshest sentences for cyber attacks in Russia.

In March 2019 judicial Board on criminal cases of the Moscow city court quashed the verdict due to "made during the preliminary investigation of violations" and sent the case back of Popelya for reconsideration. The brothers are under arrest a little more than four years.

Stoyanov through a lawyer called the charges unfounded hacker.He added that after the arrest of Dmitry said to him: "Nothing, will come again and bother the Petersburg banks will". Stoyanov doubt about the involvement of Dmytro to the case no.

the Source of RBC was not associated with "Kaspersky Lab" and participated in the investigation of the criminal case against the brothers Popelya, said that initially, Dmitry Popelish not only accused Ruslan Stoyanov. This information SK checked, but found no confirmation.

In August in Crimea, hackers attacked government websites. In the same month, unknown hackers managed to hack the account of the founder and CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey.