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Overrated values

Full tape of POLIT.RU 20.09.2019 at 15:08

Full tape POLIT.RU

The Ministry of environment has updated the valuation of all game animals in Russia, as well as forest resources. Previously, the Agency overestimated the mineral reserves. The cost of all resources has increased significantly in comparison with last evaluation. Why it happened is not specified.

that hunting animals in Russia has increased 400 times, RBC, citing data from the Ministry of environment. According to the methodology Department, in the hunting resources included animals of 21 species whose hunting is permitted in Russia. So, the total cost of moose is estimated at 88 billion, ROE 46.7 billion, the wild reindeer — 28.7 billion, Coburg (renewing animals living in the Asian part of Russia) — 27.1 billion. At the end of 2018, the total cost amounted to 267 billion rubles. By the end of 2017, the Ministry of environment evaluated the cost of all the hunting resources of the country at 0.6 billion. In what the reason of such sharp rise in price, is not specified.

Moose in the forest /

According to the publication, the valuation of the animal takes into account the official prices of the Ministry, for which poachers must pay compensation for the killed animal. For example, the penalty for one illegally killed moose is 80 thousand rubles. The value of the species is considered by multiplying the taxes by the number of livestock. According to the Ministry of natural resources, for the year 2018, the number of gazelles in Russia increased by 46%, tours 36%, otter by 22% and the number of deer decreased by 90%, bison - on 86%, to 300, mouflon - 63%.

Also the Ministry of environment has updated the valuation of wood forest resources. At the end of 2018, the value of all forests (23 species of wood) amounted to almost 9 trillion roubles — an increase of 63% compared to the end of 2017 (5.5 trillion rubles). The most expensive stocks larch (2.1 trillion rubles), pine (1.9 trillion rubles) and stone birch (1.6 trillion roubles).

Forest road /

Before the Agency has estimated the total market value of natural mineral resources. At the end of 2018, it was 93.4 trillion rubles a year earlier, the reserves were estimated at 55.2 trillion the Main portion of the oil reserves, its cost is estimated at 74.5 trillion. That's 88% more than last increased (to 39.6 trillion). Growth of stocks of oil in real terms was 8.7% — from 9.04 bn to 9.83 billion tons. This implies that a unit of reserves for the year rose by 73%. In the U.S., the estimate of oil reserves grew by $385 billion — to $1,07 trillion. The cost of oil reserves thus amounted to 71.7% of GDP in 2018.

From a statistical point of view, valuation of all business assets allows you to measure "national wealth" of the country. The first information (for 2017) was published last year. Rosstat for the first time included the valuation of natural resources into national accounts in 2019 for 2017.

According to the Director for exploration and production of oil and gas Vygon Consulting Sergey Klubkova, to the assessment of the Ministry of natural resources seriously is not necessary, as the evaluation formula contains an error: the taxes are not subtracted, but added, revenue is considered to be the implementation, not using netback, so that the result is too high. Moreover, the Ministry is the evaluation based on heterogeneous data of subsoil users themselves.