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The history of mines. Started using radiological? :.: Article 18.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

In almost every detective show is a series devoted to the murder by using a radio-controlled explosive device. Bang! and the explosion destroys the object and most of the traces of the device. And then the investigators carefully collected the scattered blast shards and be sure to find special features of this device, and it is the killer — the detective series without catching the killer? But what started the use of radiological? Go to the previous part of the article the Inventor of radiological Bekauri, Vladimir Ivanovich was born in 1882 in Tiflis province. Graduated from the Technical railway school. Worked in St. Petersburg. Until 1917 he patented several inventions from the field of telephony and rail transport. After the October revolution engaged in inventions, was one of the organizers of the Experimental workshop on the latest inventions. In 1921 he headed the Sptecbureau. Deal with the problems of remote control. Invented the first RC bomb. The first device called Bami, by the names of authors — Bekauri and Mitkevich. Alas, in times of repression Bekauri was arrested and executed at the beginning of 1938, he was posthumously rehabilitated. But the invention proved to be very useful. It continued to improve other employees Sptecbureau. The result is a device, which he called "f-10". His weight was 16 kg, and the batteries it weighed 18 kg. Device that you can manage from a distance of several hundred kilometers, and he was resistant to working with him foreign radio stations. Vladimir Ivanovich Becauseboth: the First combat use of radio-controlled land mine took place 12.07.41 In Strugi-Krasnyye was blown up three large bomb that destroyed the house in which were resting soldiers and officers 56 mechanized corps the Germans. From this date began fighting the use of these devices in explosive business. In the summer and autumn of 1941 the Nazis captured the cities regularly exploded large and convenient buildings, in which the invaders have placed their headquarters or personnel. 22 Oct 1941 in Odessa during the great joint meeting of the Romanian intelligence service and the German Gestapo exploded, killing the majority of the participants, the former home of the NKVD in Odessa region. Already in the late autumn of 1941 the Germans realized that powerful explosions are obviously not random, and began to carefully search for roadside bombs in the best houses of the cities they captured. In Kharkov was thoroughly searched so-called house Kosior in the Soviet government lived the city party leadership. When testing in the basement at a depth of 2 meters was discovered stokilogrammovye bomb with a clockwork. In cleared the house drove the garrison of Kharkov General von Braun and his staff. And November 13 at 4 a.m., the house exploded with all the inhabitants. The signal at undermining was filed by the radio station of Voronezh. And the land mine was buried there in the basement at a depth of 5 meters under the first bomb, which was specially buried so attentive engineers found him. The control unit radiomenu f-10, connected to the battery, in the foreground pulled desirethat: the Source About the presence of Russian radio-controlled roadside bombs were reported to Hitler, who demanded at any price to get this device. They have a long time nothing worked. In the winter vysokovoltny road bridge through the town was booby-trapped landmine with the device f-10. While the superstructure of the bridge was also blown up — that the Germans were not alerted ahead of time. From Germany brought new stairs and over the bridge went the trains. The bridge was strategically important to provide ammunition and fuel to the advancing troops of the Wehrmacht. But after a couple of days blew up one of the main supports, followed by the entire bridge. For a long time the Germans failed to capture at least some of the composition of the groups of special mining. Only in the autumn of 1942 they were lucky — they ran the traitor, who served in the militarized protection of one of the groups mining. From him the Germans got the addresses of mining facilities in Krasnodar. Devices with explosives was put to the-handling device, and some German sappers blew up on them. Control unit (without housing) radiomenu f-10. The frame of the German weekly Die Deutsche WochenschauFoto: Source But still the Nazis managed to obtain a copy of the instrument f-10, and in 1943 the Wehrmacht appeared "your" radio-controlled bomb. When the advance of our troops, with the mining of radio-controlled roadside bombs faced our engineers....

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