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What to watch at leisure? 10 best films with Jack Nicholson :.: Article 18.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Jack Nicholson — the first of the male actors, who managed to set a record by quantity of the won Oscars. His achievement was able to repeat, but not improve, only Daniel day-Lewis, which also has three Golden statues (although for the main role, while the Nicholson one award for actor in a supporting role). Despite the fact that the actor began acting in the 50-ies of the last century, his filmography is not called the vast — only some 70 films, that is less than a year. Now Nicholson is already 82, and the last 9 years he does not appear on the screen, but he has a lot of iconic characters in feeds, which have become classics of cinema. In this collection of films we have 10 best pictures for you to view. 1. "Easy rider" (1969), the First 15 years of work on television and in the movie, Nicholson played a more prominent partners. His first notable film role — also the second plan, but the company has not recognized giants like Boris Karloff ("Terror") or Vincent price (the Raven), and the same age-rebels like himself — Peter Funds, and Dennis hopper. Frame from the movie "easy rider", 1969 Photo: This was the first Nicholson nominated for prestigious awards, however, critics felt that "easy rider" — too daring a film for those years, so all the creators and participants remained without awards. However, Nicholson noticed, and already a year later he got the lead role. 2. "Five easy pieces" (1970) Second Jack earned a nomination, along with Director Bob Rafelson, with whom the actor would collaborate throughout his career in Hollywood. In the tape about once a talented pianist who came after a long absence home to visit his dying father, Nicholson finally showed the audience that in his person cinema has become not just another assistant, but a great dramatic actor, capable of only one facial expressions to capture the attention of the audience. Frame from the movie "Five easy pieces", 1970, Photo: 3. "Chinatown" (1974) For the role of a private detective in a retro detective Roman Polanski Nicholson for the fourth time, was nominated for an Academy award and once again left the ceremony empty-handed. The statue received only screenwriter Robert Towne, masterfully painted by the newly formed film-Noir in the best traditions of the genre, once dominant in Hollywood. Frame from the movie "Chinatown", 1974 Photo: In 1990, the Nicholson will attempt to revive his character, not only as an actor but as a filmmaker (this is his fourth and last project in this capacity), but the sequel to "Two Jake" was much less exquisite spectacle. 4. "One flew over the cuckoo's nest" (1975), Perhaps the most powerful role of faith in the whole long career in the movies. The actor was very lucky that he chose the then very inexperienced in producing Michael Douglas, because Nicholson was not informed of such images. Frame from the movie "one Flew over the cuckoo's nest", 1975 Photo: bestselling novel by Ken Kesey was a long time to film adaptation, but the result exceeded all expectations: a bunch of awards, including a record 5 Golden globes in five most prestigious nominations and incredible for such a chamber tragedy about a psychiatric clinic cash collections — with a budget of 3 million picture now exceeds 100 million. 5. "The shining" (1980) Himself, Stephen king on the bestseller which made the film Stanley Kubrick was not satisfied with neither the adaptation nor the choice of actor for the lead role: he believed that Nicholson and so crazy enough, and the scenario the character should gradually be transformed from normal person to crazy. Frame from the movie "the Shining", 1980 Photo: the Audience tape in General is also not appreciated: the fees were modest, and Kubrick and Shelley Duvall was even nominated for the ignominious "Razzie". However, Nicholson makes this picture worth viewing: look, the grin and the behavior of the madman really was given to him without apparent effort. 6. "Terms of endearment" (1983) Second Oscar Nicholson, and for the role of a character of the second plan, which was not even in the book — it is specially invented for the actor. The tape itself is a mixture of Comedy and drama about the relationship between mother and daughter was recognized as being not only the best film of the year, but again became a box office hit. Frame from the movie "terms of endearment", 1983 Picture: the Producers admitted that the name of Nicholson on the poster brings tangible profits, and since the fees are by significantly increased: in the mid-80s he was making 4-6 million for her role. 7. "Ironweed" (1987) This is the ninth nomination of Nicholson for an Oscar, and this time the actor played in a pair with another record — actress Meryl Streep. Hard in all the relationship drama about the homeless, in which Jack takes the uncharacteristic batch of fallen drunks. Frame from the movie "Ironweed", 1987 Photo: In many ways too grim material caused the cash of the failure of the movie at the box office, will pay off only the fee of Nicholson (5 million), which greatly annoyed his partner Strip, which even tried to organize a campaign for financial equality. 8. "Batman" (1988) After the "Thistle," apparently, and the Nicholson needed to unwind, and the image of the Joker from the popular DC comic book Batman came in handy. In fact, the movie star didn't even have to play — only makeup, his drive and energy are brought to the top of the character's most recognizable villains, and only after two decades of competition he could be a young Heath Ledger. Frame from the movie "Batman", 1989 Photo: 9. "A few good men" (1992) the theory of forensic Thriller Rob Reiner should be the finest hour Hollywood celebrities Tom cruise and demi Moore, were at that time in the Zenith of fame. However, Nicholson effortlessly beat them both, earning a jubilee, the tenth nomination for an Oscar. Frame from the movie "a Few good men", 1992, Photo: largely thanks to him that the painting has a strong visual component, is built largely on dialogue and confrontation of the characters managed to take 5 place at the box for the year that this genre is an incredible success. 10. As good as it gets (1997) To the role from his favorite Director James L. Brooks in the drama as good as it gets Nicholson came over in the Prime of his creative form. And deservedly became the owner of the third under the account of Oskar, setting a new record among male actors in Hollywood. It's hard to say how it would have affected the film, the producers give this role to John Travolta. Nicholson is very accurately hit the image of a lone eccentric writer and a homebody, despite the fact that the actor himself was famous for (in particular) for his stormy romances with numerous models and Actresses. Frame from the movie "never Better", 1997 Photo: Today Jack Nicholson retired: the last movie is the melodrama "How do you know?", 2010 produced by James L. Brooks. Actor countless times was invited to their projects as the newcomers and veterans of the Director's craft, however, even if Nicholson gave consent initially, then drop out of the project. It was rumoured that old Jack gave up acting because of memory problems: he just couldn't remember the replica of their characters. But this information was not confirmed. In any case, even if we're not going to see new films with his participation, we will remember the many images that he managed to translate on the screen for a long life....

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