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It managed to keep the relics of Tikhon of Zadonsk? :.: Article 19.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

St. Tikhon of Zadonsk, after many temporal and spiritual labors finished his earthly journey on August 13 (old style) 1783. He was buried in the Church of our lady of Zadonsk monastery, specially built for the occasion vault. However, in 1846 the monastery was a repair. Dilapidated Vladimir's Cathedral (built in 1741) was dismantled literally brick by brick. Had, therefore, to disturb a tomb. And with it the dismantling it was found that the relics of St. Tikhon did not undergo decay. That was one of the signs, according to which (in Orthodox tradition) the dead can be canonized. After a long collection of evidence about the life of the Saint and interviewing people who knew him personally, the Holy Synod in 1861 decided to classify Tikhon canonized. The day of his memory was henceforth celebrated on August 13. As fans of the spiritual life of the old man were many, then the money raised by supporters (among whom were members of the Imperial family) managed to produce expensive silver Shrine for the resting place of the relics of Tikhon of Zadonsk. Generally, crayfish did two. One of them was in the warm time of year in an unheated Church, the other (fall and winter) — heated. And it was nothing until 1917, when the revolution occurred. Initially, the new power in the heat of the other concerns was not paying attention to the Shrine of the Saint. However, in 1919 decided to establish a special Commission for the examination of the remains of the Saint. This was done most likely in the mainstream of the struggle with the Church and the faithful, but after inspecting the remains and giving them a definite conclusion, the Commission withdrew. Almost three years after that it was more or less calm. Stand at the site of Nativity of our lady of monastyrets: Maxim Mishchenko, a personal archive And in 1922 under the pretext of helping the starving Volga both cancers were seized. However, the relics of the Saint has left for believers in Zadonsk. There they remained until 1929, that is, until that year, when Zadonsky Bogoroditsky monastery was closed. The relics of Tikhon sent in Elets, in the newly created anti-religious Museum. In a cruel twist of fate this Museum is located in the (then already former) Princely Church ELCA. In Yelets the power didn't stay long. Soon they were sent to Orel local history Museum. During the great Patriotic war Orel city was thoroughly damaged, but the relics of the Saint have survived. Since the end of the war the anti-religious struggle was settled, then saved the Shrine from Zadonsk was able to exhibit for public veneration in the Epiphany Cathedral of the city of Orel. In 1959, during Khrushchev thaw, of the representatives of the Church and authoritative physicians has created another Commission for a detailed examination of the relics of the Saint. She confirmed the fact of incorruptibility. The skeleton was well preserved, and in some places was clearly visible mummified skin and tendons. Corruption did not touch the left hand of the great ascetic. By the way, brush this was then left permanently in the Cathedral of the eagle. However, since 1959, had to wait another 32 years before the relics of the great Orthodox Saint in a solemn ceremony were able to transport back in a month. St. Tikhon of Zadokite: it Happened 26 (13th, old style), August 1991. The transfer of the relics occurred in a large gathering of faithful and clergy. Of course, this was attended by representatives of Voronezh and Orel dioceses. The relics of the Saint in that year, solemnly moved in the Vladimir Cathedral of the monastery, where they rest today. Monument to St. Tikhon in front of sobrato: W. E. Vinogradov, And in 2005 on the territory of the Zadonsky Christmas-Bogoroditsky monastery was opened majestic monument to the renowned Russian Holy work of known Voronezh sculptor Dikunov....

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