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What kind of plant - marshmallow? :.: Article 19.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Althaea officinalis is one of 8 species of plants growing on the territory of Russia. This species is not the only one with healing properties. Widely used as a medicinal herb marshmallow got in the Middle ages. Its name comes from the Greek word "healing". Get acquainted with him more. Looks like? The stems of this herbaceous perennial can reach a height of five feet. Like leaves, they are covered with thick pile. Leaf blades entire or shallowly divided into three blades. Flowers with white-pink color, with a diameter of 3 cm are arranged in the axils of the upper leaves, forming spicate inflorescence configuration. Place the flowers formed a flat disc-shaped fruit, consisting of 15-25 fruitlets. The season of flowering Althea lasts from June to September. Seed ripening begins in July. Flowering young plants begins in the second year. In the land of marshmallow is kept short, thick rhizomes. What good is he? Medicinally used roots two members of the family: marshmallow;marshmallow Armenian. The medicinal qualities of these plants have been known for centuries and due to the content of the following substances: starch;sucrose;betaine;fatty oil;lecithin;phytosterol;mucous substances. The maximum amount of useful components accumulated in young roots. Botanical illustration from the book Köhler's Medizinal-Pflanzen, 1887 Photo: applications marshmallow is diverse: In some countries (France and India) marshmallow is cultivated as ornamental plants, and raw materials for the production of the dye — petals of the flowers contain a pigment malvidin.In Sri Lanka, the rhizome of the plant is used as vegetable for cooking.In the agricultural regions marshmallow has been used successfully as a honey plant.In Sardinia it is a bast culture, because the stems contain a high percentage of coarse fibers.In Russia circulated marshmallow as a medicinal plant which is widely used as an expectorant with additional shielding and anti-inflammatory effects. Found the plant extract in pill form and as a component in medicinal syrups. Dry medicinal raw materials is one of the ingredients of a number of infants fees, which are used in the treatment of respiratory diseases. In addition, anti-inflammatory properties allow it to be used in complex treatment of eczema, psoriasis, inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Found the use of this plant in veterinary medicine. Photo: auntmasako, How to grow? Marshmallow — the plant is undemanding. Optimal conditions is considered to be soil with a shallow location of subsoil waters. Fertilizer responds quickly and actively. Suitable complex organo-mineral mixture. Spring will be a useful fertilizing with nitrogenous fertilizers. Good result gives application while sowing along with seeds of superphosphate in the granules. It is noteworthy that the germination of marshmallow increases when stored for one to two years. This is because the shell of the seeds eventually diminishes and becomes more fragile, with the result that germination is facilitated. To increase the germination rate even more you can use scarification (violation of the integrity of the seed coat). Care for these perennial plants is reduced to the loosening of the soil around the stem. When necessary, plants were thinned late autumn, cut the aboveground part. Altey. Rhizome with cornaletto: Victor M. Vicente Selvas, as medicinal raw materials use the roots are dug after the complete drying of the stem and leaves in autumn. Dug roots should podvyalit in the air for two or three days and before drying, to cut slices up to 3.5 cm in length, then remove the upper cork layer of the bark. Dry roots of Althea until then, until the pieces start to break when bent. The plant, known in our country mainly as a component of cough drops, can be applied much more widely. For example, before becoming a medicinal raw materials, it may decorate infield and attract honey bees....

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