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Why recruiters fake jobs? :.: Article 19.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

The labour Market needs for employers and job seekers found each other. In doing so, they help the recruiting company, providing intermediary services. Alas, but often potential candidates, speaking to recruiters, do not find a job. Possessing the necessary employment knowledge and skills, they "peck" on the fake bait and still nothing. Many of those who did look for work, can remember some "strange". The summary remains unanswered, it is tempting office suddenly busy, then the first terms do not correspond to reality. Recruiters explain the failure of "natural" causes. Indeed, an interesting job with high pay or favorable labor conditions "not lying on the road". Such jobs differ, "like hot cakes". What recruiters are silent about is that a huge number of "delicious" posts they just invented. The practice of placing fake job ads spread is much wider than the uninitiated might assume the applicant. Why you need a fake? As explained by an anonymous member of a large recruitment company, fake need for statistics. When the personnel is estimated by the number of interviews conducted, or the results of "cold" calls, fake post is a great tool for demonstration of feverish activity. It may seem that such deception is not welcomed by the leadership recruitment companies. But they have their own interest. For bosses and common "bounty hunters", it does not help in finding employment, and money. Photo: Free-Photos, by deception recruiters form a database of applicants. When the field of view of an attractive employer, it will be possible to instantly offer him a list of candidates to amaze with their speed and "earn points" for the future. Base of applicants come in handy when for some reason the need for money or a favor — the aid of colleagues from other companies. Not to compete, you need about the future to take care of. All go on the same land. Another way of earning on the bases of candidates — selling the gathered information to advertising agencies and distributors. Data helps them optimize customer searches. False jobs, in addition, help outright scams to extract money from the pockets of gullible candidates. For example, offering to pay for the registration of any tolerance or permission, without which work is not to. How to avoid fraud? Care and caution is the best allies in countering any potential threats. Jean InAs Isidore (gérard) Granville, "a Recruiter or Trade targets. A series of "Metamorphoses of the day, 1830 Photo: Vague wording, lack of clear descriptions of responsibilities, too good to be true and withholding information about the employer should be alerted. Cheaters try to keep the anonymity. When the only means of communication — instant messenger or email for a free domain, the probability of fraud is very high. Success in job search!...

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