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How to fill your wallet with money? An unusual look at personal finances :.: Article 19.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Anyone can face financial difficulties. And no matter how much income you receive tens or hundreds of thousands of rubles. If you are easily parted with money and are quite familiar with the rules for their multiplication, that at any time can fail and be alone with his empty purse. In this article we will talk about how to learn to "make friends" with money. There are a few simple recipes that will help you improve your financial situation in the near future. 1. "Make friends" with your money you Have friends? A lot of friends? Add to your list another friend — your money. You need them "friends." Remember the saying that "money is like the expense"? The Germans have their own saying about this: "The stingy person had in his pocket the hedgehog." Get this "hedgehog" in your pocket. The word "stingy" in our language has a decidedly negative connotation, so I propose to replace it with the word "practical". To be practical in relations with money do not feel ashamed, and extremely useful, especially for your wallet and family budget. 2. Get rid of the poor habits you think You have no luck in life especially with money? Bonuses and promotions are constantly "bypass" your side? Photo: Chronomarchie, first, what does "no luck"? Did not you yourself make decisions? Secondly, stop being shy and find out from your boss what you should do in order to begin to make more money. Third, the successful one who is able to quickly acquire new knowledge and learn new skills. So sign up for retraining or refresher training, it will make you more competitive and demanded on the labour market. 3. Become bolder "Prosperity favors the bold". So to paraphrase the words of the Greek poet Simonides. Photo: Pexels, Be bold: handle the new task vizualtech to participate in challenging projects. The only way you'll get the practical experience that you will pay a lot more than the market average. And if you have a part time job — take it without hesitation! Have you ever thought about why wealthy people are so good with money? Not because they were born with some special. They were born in the first place, hardworking. "A rolling stone" not only water flows but also money! 4. Ask about discounts, Let's go back to the hedgehog in his pocket. Tell me, how often do you negotiate with sellers and if you ask about discounts in the store? Don't say you are ashamed to do it. It is your money. And the money saved — the same thing that earned. Photo: Depositphotos 5. Deepen your knowledge about money the Next step of your new I — a increase your financial literacy. Here the amount of knowledge, literally, no end. Highlight in your schedule one night a week to study the topic of money and income. And once you're ready, start buying currencies, stocks and other financial instruments. The delusion to think that investments need a lot of money. Suffice thousand rubles. Well, if there is more... "Where is more?" — you will ask. Trust your household? Someone more than others? Assign him his "banker" and, together with him every month delay from each paycheck by 10-20% in the family "accumulation Fund". Due to this, you accumulate a "financial safety cushion", and then we can move on to investing. Summary. It will take quite some time, and you will not notice yourself as you become practical and rational, will be to delay and increase their personal finances....

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