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How to stop complicating your life? The advice of psychologists on the self-education :.: Article 20.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Psychologists noticed that our mood depends not so much on the current situation, but from how we ourselves relate to it. Therefore, in order to become a little bit happier, just look at life from a different angle. We create our own problems ourselves complicate things. And, as a result, we feel miserable. How to learn to take life easier, not complicate it? The answer psychologists. Experts in psychology have proposed a number of recommendations, following which you can create to themselves problems and difficulties, but simply to rejoice in each new day that gives us life. Learn not to jump to conclusions many of us Have a bad habit of jumping to conclusions, and then be offended and screwed ourselves for nothing. Nothing spoils our relationships with loved ones, how our fantasies and react to them. We can't read each other's minds and can't know why a man would do so, and not otherwise. Keep this in mind before drawing conclusions and reacting to them with all its consequences. Begin to eradicate this habit, it only hurts you. Learn not to dramatize Another bad habit is the so-called "fanning out of molehills". From small failures, we make a Grand tragedy and respond accordingly. To get rid of this habit must, otherwise the anxiety that it generates, will poison your life. You are grasping at heart because of the little things that not worth it? It's stupid and unhealthy. Save your nerves and learn how to adequately assess what is happening, not give it more importance than it deserves. Honoré Daumier, "Romance"Photo: Cease to invent rules do Not complicate your life, coming up with new restrictions. Don't live alone "I have", "as necessary", generating anxiety and feelings of guilt. Do not overload yourself with imaginary rules and not impose them on others. Reduce the number of constraints Squeezing his life was invented by someone, or even themselves frames, you are depriving yourself of the joy of life. Don't limit your thinking, stop to label everything and life will become easier. Do not strive for perfection Very much to poison the life is the pursuit of the perfect results in everything. It should be understood that the world is not perfect. To achieve the ideal in all spheres of life is impossible! And suffer from the fact that this doesn't work, complete nonsense. Rejoice in the fact that gives life. Appreciate what you have, many others not. From perfectionism needs to be cured once and for all, otherwise you risk not to know what it's like to be a happy man. Louis Janmo, "the Poem of the soul 17. Ideal", 1854 Photo: Learn nothing to take to heart, Remember that health is the most expensive, but failures and problems are not eternal. Learn to Cultivate optimism optimist. The one who is waiting for life bad in the end, it and gets. Throw away negative thoughts. Because of the negative mindset, you notice only the bad. Learn to see the bright side. Look for the positive! You to notice in no time how quickly life will change for the better. Stop living in the past Try to leave all your negative memories, anger, disappointment in the past. Do not live what is already long gone and should be forgotten, forget the insults. The more you think about the failures and troubles that are left behind, the more they are going over in your mind, the more unhappy you feel yourself. M. Z. Chagall, "Memories", 1914 Photo: Forbid the past to hurt you and take away the happiness of today. Take now only the good, bright and beautiful moments of the past and move on to a happy future. Follow the advice of psychologists. They are simple and accessible to everyone who wants to be happier. By following these guidelines, you will soon notice how life is changing for the better. Remember that happiness in you. Just from your attitude to what is happening in life depends on how happy you are. ...

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