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How to successfully find a job? 5 recommendations from the professionals :.: Article 20.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Guru recruitment share free-advice — take note to have courage to conquer the labour market. A recruitment Agency can be useful to the applicant. No personal advice for the money they do not have. Beware: recruiters with the "physicists" do not take money — they pay the companies. But guru selection share free-advice — take note to have courage to conquer the labour market. 1. Make a summary of the better the profile, the more chances of success. Recruitment Agency would not read primigravida candidate for the past 20 years — the last five is enough to draw conclusions. Erase says "sheet", focus on the main thing — honestly and concisely state your strengths, implement figures, illustrating achievements. Create only when it's appropriate. For example, competition for a position is too high or the functionality requires a creative approach. Important: select adequate photos. HR-Agency first analyzes avatar. Images a La "mermaid at sunset" or Insta-masks send your CV in the bin regardless of the post under consideration. 2. Prepare cover letter Experts claim that the presence of "soprovojdali" greatly increases the chances of the applicant. Through this letter, the applicant can immediately accents, smooth corners, weak spots. For example, if you only just started the job search, want to radically change the kind of activity, forced to seek work on the threshold of a formal pension. The job search sites offer automatic templates — believe me, the "sleuths" they have long been stuffed on edge. Write briefly, but sincerely, from myself. Recruitment Agency, at least, get caught look for a questionnaire, followed by personal infopovod. 3. Search for jobs HH, Super, Joblab resources is obvious. In addition, you can look for work in the professional communities, groups, social networks, forums. Often HR Agency sent for the specialists there immediately assessing the knowledge of candidates left to review. Take the initiative. Send CV (prepare pdf-format) and cover letter not only in HR-Agency, but also of interest to companies directly e — mail the HR Department is usually placed on the websites of the organizations (see "contacts"). 4. Get ready for an Interview is the most difficult and most critical phase. In the exchange summary, you can become skilled, but to make a good personal impression is not easy — especially when sitting in front of a professional. Recruitment the Agency recommends advance to find a potential employer website: company's life, what her internal culture, values and rules? Lot of useful information can be gleaned from social networks — today, many companies are groups or profiles. Remember that first we produce outdoor experience — dress for the occasion. It is not necessary to wear the shirt of your favorite rock band for an interview in Gazprom. Although, if a programmer... But no. 5. Go to contact When she calls/writes recruitment Agency, answer. Today the appeal to a mediator — a sign of the seriousness of the employer. If a company has money on the HR Agency, and an adequate salary will be. Calling the consultant will introduce you to the vacancy, and answer basic questions (functionality, schedule, RFP, benefits, subordination), ask clarifying qualification questions. When a successful scenario — will be invited for in-person meeting. Before going to the interview, punch the name of the brokerage businesses on the Internet. If she has a landline number, website, detailed information can can go. Do not worry that the employer will be kept secret — store incognito on the market because they want to avoid the annoying curiosity on the part of competitors. So still working through the HR Agency. Can I (a) write a recruitment Agency? In theory, Yes. HR-the Agency is unable by itself to offer the applicant a contract (see article). However, will consider your profile if it did order the same specialty....