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Repair of printers. Frequent breakdowns 16.09.2019 at 18:12

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The Most common malfunction of the printer

the following is a list of the most common breakdowns of printers and possible causes of their occurrence.

the Printer does not print. Possible failure reasons:

— bad connection of printer with computer or power outlet. If possible, change the cord, for example, from a working printer and make sure that this is the reason the connection;

— error driver installed printing device. A detailed guide to install the printer driver easy to find in the instructions to the printer, or on the website of the manufacturer of your device. Ideally, you should install the drivers that came with the printer when purchase, they are recorded on the disc;

is not closed the printer cover. Often there is no warning on the screen about this problem, so check the cover again;

— in the tray there is no paper. Corny, but it happens. It is also worth to check whether the paper is (for this e must be removed from the tray, carefully align and fold back);

— left the protective elements on the cartridge. Most cartridges are equipped with protective elements, which must be removed before installing into the printer. Most often they are orange, black or red;

— the TONER cartridge. Its availability you can check through device Manager;

— DAMAGED CARTRIDGE. Sometimes the electronics in the cartridge goes down, leading to his replacement;

— is necessary to replace the heating module.

paper jams. Check stuck in the printer a sheet of paper, you will need to remove the cartridge. In addition, during prolonged use inside the device penetrates many different dirt, such as dust, residues of toner, paper dust, etc. over time it leads to failure of the device: degrades coupling gear wheels and rollers, damage the contacts, clogs the aisles. To resolve this problem, you need to perform regular maintenance of the printer due to which the MFP is functioning correctly.

the Printer does not turn on. All modern office equipment, including printers, can be prone to damage that is either caused by long time working of this equipment, or, for example, external causes, such as overvoltage in the mains. In this case, the best solution is to provide a device service center, which experts diagnose the fault and carry out the necessary work.

the MFP prints incorrectly, the text is difficult to read, the ink smeared or the print is very pale. One of the reasons – improper storage of the cartridge or toner that you used when refueling. When inadequate temperature and humidity properties of the ink deteriorate, and therefore, the further the print quality will be reduced.

the inside of the printer smeared with ink or toner. This can be caused by incorrect installation of the cartridge and carelessly removing protective films.

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